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Enki and the world order: c.1.1.3
"The lords pay heed …… to me. I am Enki! They stand before me, praising me. The abgal priests and abrig officials who …… stand before me …… distant days. The enkum and ninkum officiants organise ……. They purify the river for me, they …… the interior of the shrine for me. In my Abzu, sacred songs and incantations resound for me. My barge 'Crown', the 'Stag of the Abzu', transports me there most delightfully. It glides swiftly for me through the great marshes to wherever I have decided, it is obedient to me. The stroke-callers make the oars pull in perfect unison. They sing for me pleasant songs, creating a cheerful mood on the river. Niĝir-sig, the captain of my barge, holds the golden sceptre for me. I am Enki! He is in command of my boat 'Stag of the Abzu'. I am the lord! I will travel! I am Enki! I will go forth into my Land! I, the lord who determines the fates, ……," (4 lines unclear)
Enki's journey to Nibru: c.1.1.4
"Abzu, pure place, place where the fates are determined -- the lord of wisdom, Lord Enki, { (1 ms. adds 1 line:) the lord who determines the fates, } Nudimmud, the lord of Eridug, lets nobody look into its midst. Your abgal priests let their hair down their backs."
A hymn to Asarluḫi (Asarluḫi A): c.4.01.1
Eloquent one of the abzu, great minister of Eridug, lordly Asarluḫi! The enkum and ninkum priests, the abgal and abrig priests, the …… priestesses and the …… all pay attention when you open your holy mouth. Daily as they go forth, they circumambulate (?) you. Cleansing the purification rites with pure hands and pure tread, holy in every respect, you are the supervisor of the purification priests of E-abzu.

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