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An adab for Cu-ilicu (Cu-ilicu C)

unknown no. of lines missing
1. [...] me mah AN [...]
2. [...] dcu-i3-li2-cu nam X [...] ud ha-ba-ni-X-[su3-ud]
3.     [u18]-/ru12\-bi-im

4.     a-da-ab d[...] (lines 3 and 4 are written as one line in source)

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Electronic sources

Tinney 1998mmm: composite text

Cuneiform sources

N 1329

Revision history

25.i.2000: GZ, editor: standardisation JAB, editor: proofreading GC, editor: SGML tagging ER, editor: proofreading SGML ER, editor: web publication GC/JE, editor/technical developer: XML/TEI conversion
30.iii.2005: GC/JE, senior editor/technical developer: lemmatised version published

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