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A šir-namšub to Nanna for Ur-Namma (Ur-Namma F)

1-6. Imbued with allure from the shining rooftops, Urim, your foundation rests on abundance. City, your lord rides high in joy, Ur-Namma rides high indeed; the one adorned with a lapis-lazuli beard rides high indeed! He is the tallest among all the lords, appearing as the noblest among them.

7-12. Those who leave through your gate are an uncontrollable flood. Shrine Urim, your interior is a mountain of abundance, your exterior a hill of plenty. No one can learn the interior of the E-kiš-nu-ĝal, the artfully fashioned hill. Your temple is a shimmering mountain; your very name is merciful. Your lord is the one called as the beautiful lord, the child of Ninsumun, the ornament of all the lands.

13-17. House, your great divine power is the shackle of the gods put on the Land. Your gate is named by your god, the beautiful god; only when it is is open does Utu illuminate from the horizon. Your platform, the place where the fates are determined by the gods, in order to make just decisions, is where the Anuna, the gods of heaven and earth, take counsel.

18-24. Your …… makes (?) the faithful woman joyous, the father proud. In your interior the evildoer dare not lay hold of the holy statutes. House whose offerings of the temple terrace devastate the rebel lands. At your Dubla-maḫ, the place where the fates are determined, the great gods determine the fates. Suen chose Sumer and Akkad, the black-headed people, and Ur-Namma in his heart.

25-35. Let me give praise to the king endowed with allure, the radiance covering the nation, Lord Ur-Namma! In his heart Ašimbabbar has chosen Ur-Namma, Ur-Namma who is endowed with allure, the radiance covering the nation, placing thereby a shackle on all the lands and blocking the way with a strong bolt. The king is worthy of Suen! Wickedness cannot pass unnoticed before his eyes. Ur-Namma has accomplished an achievement, justice! He fills the wicked land with his battle-cry. The rebellious land is overthrown, Ur-Namma acts (?) as the constable.

36-44. She has determined a fate for the king and the temple of Suen, for the Tigris and the Euphrates and for Ur-Namma. As the sun rises from the horizon, may the population multiply! May he pass the …… of Ninsumun! …… admiration. Its lady, the lady who loves possessions, who loves him, has determined a fate for Ur-Namma; Ningal, its lady, the lady who loves possessions, the woman of princely seed, has determined a fate for Ur-Namma.

45-51. The shepherd Ur-Namma is elevated; in the house of Suen, he is the one adorned with a lapis lazuli beard. May he pass ……! …… is good, is sweet in its luxuriance. Like Ninlil who gives birth in a storm, child of Ninsumun, she has given birth to you. May holy An sit with the shepherd! …… with the shepherd Ur-Namma.

    52. A šir-namšub of Nanna.

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