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A balbale to Inana for Šu-Suen (Šu-Suen C)

1-8. My hair is lettuce, well watered. It is the sprout of a lettuce, well watered. Its tangled coils (?) have been tightened. My nursemaid has …… them high and made my hair stag-like. She has tightened its tiny hairgrips and brought order to my charms; my charms, my hair, the lettuce, is the fairest of plants.

9-12. The brother has brought me into his life-giving gaze, Šu-Suen, the …… handsome man, has chosen me. …… my allure is without end,
1 line fragmentary
5 lines missing

18-20. You are our lord, you are our lord, of silver and lapis lazuli, you are our lord. You are our farmer who brings superb grain.

21-22. He is honey to my eyes, he is the charm of my heart. May the light of life shine for him, may Šu-Suen …….

    23. It is a balbale of Inana.

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