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An adab to Nergal for Cu-ilicu (Cu-ilicu A)

1-4. Lord, furiously raging storm, confusing the enemies and unleashing (?) great terror over the Land, Nergal, mighty quay of heaven and earth, who ...... all living things, lord who guards (?) the teeming people when he looks up furiously, turning (?) his weapons against the wicked: Nergal, powerful in heaven and earth, who ...... the people in heaps!

    5. Barsud.

6-11. Lord, mighty storm, raging with your great powers, south storm which covers the Land, Nergal, who smites the enemy whom he has cursed ......, exalted lord, strong one with a powerful wrist, whom no one can withstand, Nergal, rising broadly, full of furious might, great one praised for his accomplishments, pre-eminent among the great youthful gods, whose valour is ...... of valour, Nergal, whose greatness covers heaven and earth to their uttermost limits!

    12. Cagbatuku.

13-16. Warrior with head held high, respected lord, son who rises up to protect his father, Nergal, angry sea, inspiring fearsome terror, whom no one knows how to confront, youth whose advance is a hurricane and a flood battering the lands, Nergal, dragon covered with gore, drinking the blood of living creatures!

    17. 2nd barsud.

18-23. Lord who, like his own father Nunamnir, has the power to create life, Nergal, enduring house (?), underworld -- you are the junior Enlil! It is in your power to determine destinies, to render judgments and to make decisions, Nergal, your great hands are filled with mighty actions and terrible powers! Great rites which are revealed to no one are organised for you! Nergal, among this people it is you who take charge of the divine plans and the purification rites!

    24. 2nd cagbatuku.

25-28. In the west, Utu has shone forth for you, and an awe-inspiring dais has been erected for you! Nergal, you, lord, are one who has the power to carry off and to bring back (?)! In the east, lord, ......, you are imbued with a terrible great awesomeness; Nergal, your praise and renown are such as to unleash awe and terror!

    29. 3rd barsud.

30-35. Shepherd who organises, giving just verdicts like the noble youth Utu! Nergal, pile up his malefactors in heaps for him, for Cu-ilicu, the prince who displays lasting divine powers among the Anuna gods! May Cu-ilicu rely on you, may he be made joyful by you! May he walk as the shepherd whose name is extolled among this people like that of Utu! May all lands and the teeming people bless (?) the life of Cu-ilicu!

    36. Barsud.

37. Nergal, may you be the trust of prince Cu-ilicu until distant days!

    38. Jicgijal and its sa-gida.

39-53. Lord of the underworld, who acts swiftly in everything, whose terrifying anger smites the wicked, Nergal, single-handed crusher, who tortures the disobedient -- the powerful ones, fearsome terror of the Land, respected lord and hero, established offspring of Nunamnir ......! Nergal, who sprinkles cool water on the angry heart of Enlil, great lord ......! Nergal, standing ready for battle, superior with head lifted high, lord who overpowers all the wicked like a lion, ......, unwilling to turn back at the door-pivot! Nergal, great battle-net for malefactors, covering all enemies! Warrior, you are a great and furious storm upon the land which disobeys your father! Nergal, you terrify the walled cities and the settlements as you stand in your path like a wild bull, smiting them with your great horns! Nergal, you have consumed their brickwork as if it were chaff in the air. When you lift your furious face, no one dare look at it. When you have ...... {in the Land} {(1 ms. has instead:) among that people}, Nergal, you pour their blood down the wadis like rain. You afflict all the wicked peoples with woe, and deprive all of them of their lives.

54-62. Youthful Nergal, those who are saved with your help magnify you with praise! Lord, you have avenged Enlil! He has calmed the heart of his father! Nergal the strong, son who subdues the foreign lands for Nunamnir: may you assist in battle, furious fight and combat the shepherd whom An has chosen among the numerous people, the good and exalted youth of the Great Mountain (= Enlil) -- Cu-ilicu, who publicly performs the purification rites, born of Ninlil! Nergal, catch his malefactors for him like swallows! You cover the land which is disobedient to him with a raging storm; may you be the weapon of slaughter! Heap up in piles for Cu-ilicu the inhabitants of the city that does not support him.

    63. Sa-jara.

64-66. Powerful (?) lord of his own father, entrusted with authority, Nergal, the lord whom Nunamnir has entrusted authority! Cu-ilicu will forever pray to you in the shrine E-meclam for his long life and good health.

    67. Its uru.

    68. An adab of Nergal.

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