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An adab to Ninurta for Lipit-Eštar (Lipit-Eštar D)

1-3. Hero, mightiest of the Anuna gods, who comes forth from the E-kur! Ninurta, Lord Nunamnir created you like a great storm ……, he commanded you to achieve triumphs for him.

    4. Barsud.

5-11. For you Nintur has opened wide her creative hands; she has breast-fed you from her sweet breasts; she has fed you with the milk of vigour. As if you were a spectacular wild bull, she has made your figure strong (?), she has made your limbs massive. She has fitted you out with …… appearance, awesome radiance and heroism. Your mother, Nintur, held you by the right wrist as she led you before your father in E-kur, the august shrine. Then she said: "Decide a great fate for the son who is your avenger!"

    12. Šagbatuku.

13-15. Enlil looked at him with joy and decided his fate: "Uta-ulu, may your name be exalted throughout the extent of heaven and earth. Your awesome radiance will make all the great gods tremble with fear."

    16. 2nd barsud.

17-23. "Your roaring and commands make all the foreign countries submit. Your frightening look makes all enemies tremble! Uta-ulu, when like all the evil winds you rise to …… like Gibil, the lord of ……, the hero;
1 line unclear
After you have completely devastated the rebellious lands, ……, all the great gods will duly praise your supremacy!" …… your father decided your destiny.

    24. Sa-gida.

25-26. ……, make …… hostile to him bow down for Lipit-Eštar, the son of Enlil!

    27. Ĝišgiĝal of the sa-gida.

3 lines unclear
You have counted …… as ruin-mounds, to be mixed with dust. You have swept over ……, you obliterated it. Ninurta, hero of Enlil, as you are sitting on your throne-dais, may your spouse, the true lady Ninnibru, who embraces you, step before you daily with friendly words on behalf of Lipit-Eštar! Uta-ulu, may you be his aid when he prays! May he be able to rely on your words, may he be peerless! May he be the king whose fate Ninurta decides, the one endowed with attractiveness! Lipit-Eštar, the prince who is a supporter of yours, the son of Enlil, has established justice in Sumer and Akkad, and made the Land feel content.

42. May the shepherd, the expert, most wise in leading, guide the people for you!

    43. Sa-ĝara.

44. Great hero, when for prince Lipit-Eštar you reduce to heaps the rebellious lands which are insubordinate to him, may ……!

    45. Ĝišgiĝal of the sa-ĝara.

46-49. Lord, mighty flood which tears out the roots of the enemy! Ninurta, mighty flood which tears out the roots of the enemy, may you put a weapon into the mighty hands of prince Lipit-Eštar which will snap his enemies in two as if they were reeds!

    50. Its uru.

    51. An adab of Ninurta.

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