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A hymn to Enlil for Samsu-iluna (Samsu-iluna H)

1-2. ...... offerings ......, he brought (?) them into E-kur.

3-8. In the E-kur, the house of Enlil, Samsu-iluna, the mighty king {whose ...... awesomeness covers all people} {(an Akkadian gloss has:) whose splendour covers all people} {
1 line unclear
} {(an Akkadian gloss has:) reach ......}
3 lines fragmentary

9-13. {
1 line fragmentary} {(an Akkadian gloss has:) by saving .......} The foreign lands ...... {has wisely (?) made decisions (?)} {(an Akkadian gloss has:) ......; who has inflicted defeat ...... on all hostile lands}. {Samsu-iluna, the good hero, lordly one of his Land} {(an Akkadian gloss has:) Samsu-iluna, the good hero, lordly one of his land}! O Samsu-iluna, it is sweet to praise you!

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