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Letter from Ur-Enlila to a governor and temple administrator

1-2. Say to the governor and temple administrator what Ur-Enlila says:

3-5. The irrigation ditch which has been cleared was bringing water but {Enlil-diĝirĝu} {(1 ms. has instead:) Enlil-aĝu} {(another ms. has instead:) Enlilaĝu} and Ḫanzamu have drawn off the water and taken it from the ditch.

6. And what Lugal-Ane says:

7-12. I proposed, " {Water should be brought} {(1 ms. has instead:) The irrigation should be done} on the basis of one ditch for me, one ditch for you and one ditch for the governor," but they did not agree. Your canal has no workers but its ditch brings water. It brings water for me unchecked. My workforce is inadequate so send me five or {10} {(1 ms. has instead:) 60} able-bodied men. It is urgent.

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