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c.4.07.7/Tr/Gl [dam]-an-ki am iri-ze2-ba im-da-ĝen-na-/gin7\
c.4.07.7/Tr/Gl dasar-lu2-ḫi dumu uru2-ze2-ba im-da-ĝen-na-gin7
c.4.08.30/Tr/Gl e2 uru2-ze2-ba šu si sa2-a-bi
c.2.2.2/Tr/Gl am uru2-ze2-baki-ke4 muš3 mi-ni-in-ga amaš-a-na lil2-e
c.2.2.2/Tr/Gl dam-an-ki-ke4 e2-bi uru2-ze2-baki-ke4 muš3 mi-ni-in-ga amaš-a-na lil2-e
c.2.2.2/Tr/Gl še-eb uru2-ze2-baki-ke4 a-še-er gig-ga-am3 a-še-er-zu ĝar-ra
c.4.13.15/Tr/Gl abzu maḫ še-eb uru2-ze2-ba-še3
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl uru2-ze2-ebki e2 dam-[an-ki-ka3-še3] [ku4-ku4-da-zu]-ne
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl uru2-ze2-ebki e2 den-ki-ka3-še3 [ku4-ku4]-da-ni-ta
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl uru2-ze2-ebki e2 dam-an-ki-ka3-še3
c.2.2.6/Tr/Gl uru2-ze2-ebki /uru2\ munus-zu nu-til-la a-la-zu nu-gi4-a-ĝu10 me-a er2-zu ba-šeš2?
c.2.2.6/Tr/Gl [u3]-mu-un dam-an-ki uru2-zu uru2-ze2-eb gul-la a-ba-a mu-[ni-in]-du8
c.4.07.7/Tr/Gl uru2-ze2-ebki ze2-eb-še3 di-da-ĝu10-ne
c.4.25.2/Tr/Gl dam-[an-ki] am uru2-ze2-eb-ba-ra
c.4.07.4/Tr/Gl e2-kug-nun-na uru2-ze2-ebki-ba-za
c.2.2.6/Tr/Gl [mu]-ud-na-ĝu10 uru2-zu uru2-ze2-ebki-gin7 gul-la a-ba-[a igi mu-ni-in]-/du8\
c.1.3.1/Tr/Gl [abzu] [uru2-ze2-ebki]-/še3\ ĝiri3 u3-da-an-ši-gub
c.1.3.1/Tr/Gl [dam-an-ki-ra] /abzu\ uru2-ze2-ebki-še3 ĝiri3 <u3-da-an-ši-gub>
c.1.3.1/Tr/Gl [abzu] [uru2-ze2-ebki]-še3 me-e mi2 du5-mu-na-ab-dug4
c.1.3.1/Tr/Gl [dam-an-ki-ra abzu] /uru2\-ze2-ebki-še3 me-e <mi2 du5-mu-na-ab-dug4 >
c.1.3.1/Tr/Gl ga-ša-an-an-na-ĝen me-e {ga-/ĝen?\ abzu-[še3]} { [uru2]-/ze2\-eb-še3 da-/ab\-[ĝen] }
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl ud-/da\ /d\nanna e-ne-eĝ3-[ba] [nu-ri-gub] uru2-ze2-ebki-še3 ĝen-na
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl a-a dnanna inim-bi nu-/mu\-[na-gub uru2-ze2-ebki-še3] /ba\-ĝen

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