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The lament for Urim: bibliography

Print sources used

Jacobsen, Thorkild, The Harps that Once.... Sumerian Poetry in Translation. Yale University Press: New Haven/London, 1987, 447-477: translation, commentary

Klein, Jacob, "Sumerian Canonical Compositions. A. Divine Focus. 4. Lamentations: Lamentation over the Destruction of Sumer and Ur (1.166)", in Hallo, William W. (ed.), The Context of Scripture, I: Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World Brill: Leiden/New York/Köln, 1997, 535-539: commentary, translation (partial translation)

Kramer, Samuel Noah, Lamentation Over the Destruction of Ur (Assyriological Studies, 12) Chicago University Press: Chicago, 1940, 16-71: translation, composite text, commentary

Rosengarten, Yvonne, Trois Aspects de la Pensée Religieuse Sumérienne Editions De Boccard: Paris, 1971, 39-132: translation, commentary

Witzel, Maurus, "Die Klage über Ur", Orientalia 14 (1945), 185-234: composite text, translation, commentary

Witzel, Maurus, "Die Klage über Ur", Orientalia 15 (1946), 46-63: commentary

Electronic sources used

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Cuneiform sources

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