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The lament for Urim: composite text

1tur3-ra-na muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
2am-e tur3-ra-na muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
3u3-mu-un kur-kur-ra-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
4dmu-ul-lil2-le ec3-e nibruki-a muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
5dam-a-ni dnin-lil2-le muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
6dnin-lil2-le e2-bi ki-ur3-ra muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
7nin kic3ki-a-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
8ga-ca-an-mah-e e2-bi kic3ki-a muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
9mu-lu i3-si-inki-na-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
10ga-ca-an-i3-si-inki-na-ke4 ec3 e2-gal-mah-a muc3 mi-ni-in-ga /amac\-a-na lil2-e
11nin ki unugki-ga-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga [amac]-a-na lil2-e
12ga-ca-an-an-na-ke4 e2-bi ki unugki-ga muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na [lil2]-e
13dnanna urim2ki-ma muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na [lil2]-e
14dsuen-e e2-kic-nu-jal2-la muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
15dam-a-ni ga-ca-an-gal-e muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
16ga-ca-an-gal-e agrun-kug-ga-na muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
17am uru2-ze2-baki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
18dam-an-ki-ke4 e2-bi uru2-ze2-baki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
(1 ms. adds 1 line:
18Aga-ca-an-X-[...] e2-ba la-ra-agki-a muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e)

19dcara e2-mah-a muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
20dud-sahar-ra e2-bi ummaki-a muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
21dba-u2 uru2-kug-ga muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
22a dug4-ga ama5-na muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
23dumu-a-ni dab-ba-u2 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
24dab-ba-u2 ma-gu2-en-na-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
25dlama e2 kug-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
26dlama-e e2-tar-sir2-sir2-ra muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
27um-ma lagacki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
28dma-ze2-ze2-be2 e2-bi lagacki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
29mu-lu nijin6ki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
30ga-ca-an gu-la e2-bi sirara3ki muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
31mu-lu ki-nir-ca-baki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
32ddumu-zid-abzu e2-bi ki-nir-ca-baki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
33mu-lu gu2-ab-baki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e
34ga-ca-an-mar-ki-ke4 ec3 gu2-ab-baki-ke4 muc3 mi-ni-in-ga amac-a-na lil2-e

35ki-ru-gu2 1-kam-ma-am3

36amac-a-na lil2-e ba-ni-in-jar i-si-ic-bi mu-un-kuc2-u3
37ab2 gu3-zu e2-tur3-ra nu-mu-un-jal2 tur3 nun nu-ul


39uru2 a-ce-er gig-ga a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
40a-ce-er-zu gig-ga-am3 uru2 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
41uru2 zid gul-la-na a-ce-er-bi gig-ga-am3
42urim2 zid gul-la-na a-ce-er gig-ga a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
43a-ce-er-zu gig-ga-am3 uru2 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
44urim2ki gul-la-na a-ce-er-bi gig-ga
45a-ce-er-zu gig-ga ga-ca-an-zu mu-lu er2-re en3-ce3 mu-un-kuc2-u3
46a-ce-er-zu gig-ga dnanna mu-lu er2-re en3-ce3 mu-un-kuc2-u3
47ce-eb urim2ki-ma a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
48e2-kic-nu-jal2 a-ce-er-zu gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
49ec3 agrun-kug a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
50ki-ur3 ki-gal a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
51ec3 nibruki uru2 a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
52ce-eb e2-kur-ra a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
53ja2-jic-cu2-a a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
54ub-cu-unken-na a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
55ce-eb uru2-kug-ga a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
56e2-tar-sir2-sir2 a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
57ma-gu2-en-na a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
58ce-eb i3-si-inki-na a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
59ec3 e2-gal-mah a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
60ce-eb ki unugki-ga a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
61ce-eb uru2-ze2-baki-ke4 a-ce-er gig-ga-am3 a-ce-er-zu jar-ra
62a-ce-er-zu gig-ga-am3 ga-ca-an-zu mu-lu er2-re en3-ce3 mu-un-kuc2-u3
63a-ce-er-zu gig-ga-am3 dnanna mu-lu er2-re en3-ce3 mu-un-kuc2-u3
64uru2 mu-zu i3-jal2 za-e ba-e-da-gul-e
65uru2 bad3-zu i3-il2 kalam-zu ba-e-da-til
66uru2-ju10 u8 zid-gin7 sila4-zu ba-e-da-tar
67urim2ki ud5 zid-gin7 mac2-zu ba-e-da-til
68uru2 jarza-zu im-me-de3-kur2-ra
69me-zu me kur2-ra cu bal ba-ni-ib-ak
70a-ce-er-zu gig-ga-am3 ga-ca-an-zu mu-lu er2-re en3-ce3 mu-un-kuc2-u3
71a-ce-er-zu gig-ga-am3 dnanna mu-lu er2-re en3-ce3 mu-un-kuc2-u3

72ki-ru-gu2 2-kam-ma-am3

73uru2 zid gul-la-na a-ce-er-bi gig-ga-am3
74urim2ki gul-la-na a-ce-er-bi gig-ga-am3


76nin lu2 e2 hul-a-ta uru2-ni er2-re ba-an-di-ni-ib-jar
77dnanna lu2 kalam ba-an-da-til-la
78urim2ki-e a-nir-ra bar ba-da-an-tab
79munus zid nin uru2ki-ni-ce3 kuc2-u3-de3
80dnin-gal kalam-ma-ni-ce3 u3 nu-ku-ku-de3
81e-ne-ra nam uru2-na mu-na-tej3 er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
82nin-ra nam e2-a-na mu-na-tej3 er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
83nam uru2 hul-a-na mu-na-tej3 er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
84nam e2 hul-a-na mu-na-tej3 a-nir gig-ga-bi im-da-ra-da-ja2-ja2
85munus-e ad-a-ni balaj er2-ra ki al-jar-ra-ba
86i-lu ma sig9-ga tur-tur-bi ni2-te-na mi-ni-ib-be2
87ud-da ma-al-ma-al-la i-si-ic-bi ma-la2-la2
88ud-da na-aj2-bi-ce3 sur2-sur2-a-ju10-ne
89lu2 nu-nus-jen ud-da ma-al-ma-al-la
90ud-da ma-al-ma-al-la i-si-ic-bi ma-la2-la2
91ud-da ud gig-ga ma-ra-ma-al-ma-al-la
92me-e ud-bi-ce3 zarah he2-em-ci-ak
93ud-da a2-bi-ce3 ba-ra-ba-ra-ed2-en
94ud tur-bi-ce3 bal-ju10 ud sag9-ga bal-ju10 ud sag9-ga i-bi2 ba-ra-bi2-in-du8-a
95ji6-ce3 a-ce-er gig ma-ra-ma-al-ma-al-la
96me-e ji6-bi-ce3 zarah he2-em-ci-ak
97ji6 a2-bi ba-ra-ba-ra-ed2-en
98ud uru2 dim2 gul-lu-ba ni2-bi ha-ma-la2-la2
99na-aj2-bi-ce3 ki-nu2 ji6-u3-na-ja2 ki-nu2 ji6-u3-na-ja2 lul ba-ra-an-mar
100ud tur-bi-ce3 ki-nu2-ja2 mu-uc la2-a-bi ki-nu2-ja2 jic la2-a-bi nu-ci-in-ga-mu-ni-ib-de6
(2 mss. add 1 line:
100Aka-na-aj2-ju10-ta IM-cub me-e ba-ra-ba-da-ak)
101ka-na-aj2-ju10 aj2-gig-ga ba-jal2-la-ke4-ec
102ab2 amar-ra-gin7-nam ki cu he2-em-mi-ib-ak
103ka-na-aj2-ju10 ni2 cu-a ba-ra-mu-da-ab-gi4
104uru2-ju10 du-lum gig ba-jal2-la-ke4-ec
105mucen an-na-gin7 a2 dub2 he2-em-ci-ak
106me-e uru2-ju10-ce3 he2-em-ci-dal-dal-en
107uru2-ju10 ki-jal2-ba he2-en-ga-mu-de3-gul
108urim2ki ki-nu2-bi-a he2-en-ga-mu-de3-til
119cu ud-da an-ta ba-jal2-la-ke4-ec
110gu3 hu-mu-dub2 edin-na ud gi4-a me-e he2-em-ma-dug4
111ud-da gaba-bi ba-ra-mu-da-zig3
112nu-nus-jen agrun-kug e2 na-aj2-dga-ca-an-na-ju10
113bal-ba ud su3-ra2 na-ma-ni-in-jar-re-ec-am3
114er2 a-ce-er-ra ki ha-ma-ab-us2-am3
115e2 ki ur5 sag9-ge saj gig2-ga i3-me-a-ke4-ec
116ezem-bi-ta ib2-ba su-mu-ug-ga he2-en-ga-mu-da-tab-tab-be2-ec
117ud tur-bi-ce3 e2-ju10 ki sag9-ga
118e2 zid hul-a-ju10 i-bi2 ba-ra-bi2-in-du8-am3
119ur5 idim-a a-ce-er aj2-gig-ga
120a-ce-er aj2-gig-ga hu-mu-ni-tum2-tum2-mu-uc
121e2 lu2 zid-de3 ba-ab-jar-ra-ju10
122gi-sig kiri6-gin7 bar-ba he2-bi2-in-dub2
123e2-kic-nu-jal2 e2 nam-lugal-la-ju10
124e2 zid e2 er2-ra ba-an-di-ni-ib-jar-ra-ju10
125lul-e-ec du3-u3-ba zid-de3-ec gul-lu-ba
126ha-la ba-bi-a ha-ma-ni-in-jar-re-ec-am3
127za-lam-jar e2 ki-buru14 bur12-ra-gin7
128e2 ki-buru14 bur12-ra-gin7 tum9 cej3-ja2 ha-ba-an-jar
129urim2ki ama5 nij2-dirig-ju10
130e2 uru2 sig9-ga mu-un-bur12-bur12-bur1 2
131amac lu2 sipad-da-gin7 ha-ba-bur12-bur12
132nij2-gur11 uru2 jal2-jal2-la-ju10 sug-ge hu-mu-da-ab-gu7

133ki-ru-gu2 3-kam-ma-am3

134urim2ki er2-re ba-an-di-ni-ib-jar


136ud-ba ud ne-en ba-sig3-sig3-ga-ba
137nin-da uru2-ni ba-an-da-gul-la-ba
138ud-ba ud ne-en ba-dim2-dim2-ma-ba
139uru2-ju10 gul-gul-da im-me-ne-ec-a-ba
140urim2ki gul-gul-da im-me-ne-ec-a-ba
141uj3-bi ug5-ge-de3 a2 mu-un-aj2-ec-a-ba
142ud-ba me-e uru2-ju10-ce3 ja2-la ba-ra-ba-ra-dag
143ka-na-aj2-ju10-ta IM-cub me ba-ra-ba-da-ak
144an-ra a i-bi2-ja2 me-e he2-em-ma-na-de2
145dmu-ul-lil2-ra ni2-ju10 ca3-ne-ca4 he2-em-ma-na-ak
146uru2-ju10 nam-ba-gul-lu he2-em-me-ne-dug4
147urim2ki nam-ba-gul-lu he2-em-me-ne-dug4
148uj3-bi nam-ba-til-le he2-em-me-ne-dug4
149an-ne2 e-ne-ej3-bi ba-ra-mu-un-gur
150dmu-ul-lil2-le i3-sag9 he2-am3-bi cag4-ju10 ba-ra-bi2-in-sed4
1512-kam-ma-ce3 pu-uh2-rum ki saj ki ba-da-ab-jal2-la
152da-nun-na e-ne-eg3 ka kec2-da-bi ba-da-an-dur2-ru-ne-ec-a
153ur2 he2-em-ma-sud-sud a2 he2-em-ma-la2-la2
154an-ra a i-bi2-ja2 me-e he2-em-ma-na-dug4
155dmu-ul-lil2-ra ni2-ju10 ca3-ne-ca4 he2-em-ma-ak
156uru2-ju10 nam-ba-gul-lu he2-em-me-ne-dug4
157urim2ki nam-ba-gul-lu he2-em-me-ne-dug4
158uj3-bi nam-ba-til-le he2-em-me-ne-dug4
159an-ne2 e-ne-ej3-bi ba-ra-mu-un-gur
160dmu-ul-lil2-le i3-sag9 he2-am3-bi cag4-ju10 ba-ra-bi2-in-sed4
161uru2-ju10 gul-gul-lu-ba a2-bi he2-em-ma-an-aj2-ec
162urim2ki gul-gul-lu-ba a2-bi he2-em-ma-an-aj2-ec
163uj3-bi ug5-ge-de3 na-aj2-bi ha-ba-an-tar-re-ec
164me-e nij2-dug4-ju10 mu-ne-cum2-ma-gin7
165me-e uru2-ju10-da he2-en-ga-mu-un-da-la2-ec
166urim2ki-ju10 ma-da he2-en-ga-mu-da-la2-e-ec
167an-ne2 dug4-ga-ni ur5 nu-kur2-ru-dam
168dmu-ul-lil2-le ka-ta ed2-a-ni cu nu-bal-e-de3

169ki-ru-gu2 4-kam-ma-am3

170uru2-ni ba-an-da-gul-la me-ni ba-an-da-kur2-ra


172den-lil2-le ud-de3 gu3 ba-an-de2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
173ud he2-jal2-la kalam-da ba-da-an-kar uj3-e ce am3-ca4
174ud dug3 ki-en-gi-da ba-da-an-kar uj3-e ce am3-ca4
175ud hul jal2-e a2 ba-da-an-aj2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
176kij2-gal-ud-da ud-da gub-ba cu-na im-ma-an-cum2
177ud kalam til-til-e gu3 ba-an-de2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
178tum9 hul tum9 hul-e gu3 ba-an-de2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
179den-lil2-le dgibil a2-tah-a-ni mu-na-ni-in-kur9-re
180ud gal an-na-ke4 gu3 ba-an-de2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
181ud gal-e an-ta gu3 im-me uj3-e ce am3-ca4
182ud kalam til-til-e ki-a ur5 im-ca4 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
183tum9 hul-e a mah ed2-a-gin7 gu2-bi nu-ja2-ja2
184jictukul uru2-ke4 saj gaz i3-ak-e tec2-bi i3-gu7-e
185an-na ur2-ba pu3? mu-un-ninni2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
186ud-da igi-ba izi mu-un-bar7-bar7-e uj3-e ce am3-ca4
187ud mir-mir-da izi MI edin-na bar ba-da-an-tab
188an-bar7 bar-cej3 il2-il2-la-gin7 izi im-ma-an-bar7-bar7
189an-bar7-gan2 ud zalag ed2-a ud dug3-da ba-da-an-tab
190kalam-ma ud zalag-ga la-ba-an-ed2 mul-usanx(AN.DUR)-gin7 ba-zal
191ji6 giri17-zal a2 sed jar-ra-ba tum9 u18-lu ba-da-an-tab
192cika bar7-bar7-re-da sahar im-da-tab-tab uj3-e ce am3-ca4
193saj gig2-ga tum9-tum9 ba-an-dal uj3-e ce am3-ca4
194ki-en-gi jic-bur2-ra i3-bal-e uj3-e ce am3-ca4
195kalam-e saj e2-jar8-du3 i3-ak-e tec2-bi i3-gu7-e
196ud gig er2-re nam nu-tar-re uj3-e ce am3-ca4
197ud cu ur4-ur4-re kalam i3-ur3-ur3-re
198ud a-ma-ru-gin7 uru2 i3-gul-gul-e
199ud kalam til-til-e uru2-a me bi2-ib-jar
200ud nij2 u2-gu2 de2-de2-ec3 hul jal2-e ba-e-DU
201ud izi-gin7 bar7-a uj3-e cu bi2-ib-jar
202ud hul gig dug4-ga den-lil2-la2 ud kalam-ta ba-ba
203urim2ki-ma tug2-gin7 ba-e-dul gada-gin7 ba-e-bur2

204ki-ru-gu2 5-kam-ma-am3

205ud ug-am3 al-du7-du7 uj3-e ce am3-ca4


207ud-ba ud uru2-da ba-da-an-jar uru2-bi dul-dul-da
208a-a dnanna uru2-ni dul-dul-da ba-da-an-jar uj3-e ce am3-ca4
209ud-ba ud kalam-ta ba-da-an-kar uj3-e ce am3-ca4
(2 mss. add 1 line:
209Aud dug3 ki-en-gi-da ba-da-an-kar uj3-e ce am3-ca4)
210uj3-bi cika kud-da nu-me-a bar-ba ba-e-si
211bad3-bi gu2-jiri3 im-ma-an-jar-jar uj3-e ce am3-ca4
212abul mah jiri3 jal2-la-ba ad6 im-ma-an-jar-jar
213sila dajal ezem-ma du3-a-ba saj bal-e-ec ba-ab-jar
214e-sir2-e-sir2 jiri3 jal2-la-ba ad6 im-ma-an-jar-jar
215ki-ecemen kalam-ma jal2-la-ba uj3 zar-re-ec ba-an-du8
216u3-mun kalam-ma-ke4 urud nagga-gin7 sur3-sur3 ba-ni-in-re6-ec
217ad6-bi uzui3-lu ud-de3 jal2-la-gin7 ni2-bi-a mu-un-zal-ec
218lu2 urudha-zi-in-e im-til-la-gin7 saj tug2 la-ba-ab-dul-ec
219mac-da3 jic-bur2-ra dab5-ba-gin7 ka sahar-ra bi2-in-us2
220lu2 jic-gid2-da mu-un-ra-bi nij2-la2 ba-ra-bi2-in-la2-ec
221i-gi4-in-zu ki ha-ri-ic-ta ama-ba-ka mud2-bi-a mu-un-nu2 (all sources: sa4) -ec
222lu2 jicmitum-e im-til-la-gin7 tug2 gibil ba-ra-bi2-in-la2-ec
223lu2 kurun naj-a nu-me-ec-a gu3 zag-ga bi2-in-jal2-ec
224jictukul-e gub-ba jictukul-e in-gaz uj3-e ce am3-ca4
225lu2 kar-ra-bi ud im-ma-du-bu-ul uj3-e ce am3-ca4
226urim2ki-ma sig9-ga kalag-ga-bi cag4-jar-ra im-til
227um-ma ab-ba e2-ta nu-ed2 izi mu-ni-in-sig10-sig10-ge5-ec
228di4-di4-la2 ur2 ama-ba-ka nu2-a ku6-gin7 a ba-an-de6
229um-me-da lirum kalag-ga-bi lirum ba-an-da-du8
230dim2-ma kalam-ma u2-gu im-ta-an-de2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
231jalga kalam-ma sug-ge4 ba-ab-gu7 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
232ama dumu-ni igi-ni ba-ra-ed2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
233ad-da dumu-ni-ta ba-da-an-kur2 uj3-e ce am3-ca4
234uru2-a dam ba-cub dumu ba-cub nij2-gur11 ba-bir-bir-re
235saj gig2 ki saj jal2-la-ba im-me-de3-re7-ec
236nin-bi mucen ni2 te-a-gin7 uru2-ni ba-ra-ed2
237nin-gal-e mucen ni2 te-a-gin7 uru2-ni ba-ra-ed2
238nij2-gur11 kalam-ma jar-jar-ra-ba cu pe-el-la2 ba-ab-dug4
239ama5 kalam-ma car2-car2-ra-ba izi im-ma-an-bar7-bar7
240a-nijin2-ba dgibil lu2 sikil-la kij2 mu-un-du12-du12
241hur-saj sukux-ra2 cu nu-tej3-ja2 e2-kic-nu-jal2-la
242e2 zid-ba urudha-zi-in gal-gal-e tec2-bi i3-gu7-e
243cimackiki elamki lu2 ha-lam-ma 30 gij4 ba-an-ak-e-ec
244e2 zid jical-a mi-ni-ib-bal-e-ne
245uru2 dul-dul-dam mu-un-ja2-ja2-ne
246nin-bi a uru2-ju10 im-me a e2-ju10 im-me
247dnin-gal-e a uru2-ju10 im-me a e2-ju10 im-me
248lu2 nu-nus-e u3 uru2-ju10 mu-da-gul u3 e2-ju10 mu-da-gul
249dnanna ec3 urim2ki mu-da-gul mu-lu-bi ba-ug5-ga-ec

250ki-ru-gu2 6-kam-ma-am3

251tur3-ra-na amac-a-na nu-nus-e inim gig mu-ni-ib-be2
252uru2 ud-de3 am3-gul-e


254ama dnin-gal uru2-ni lu2-erim2-gin7 bar-ta ba-da-gub
255lu2 nu-nus-e er2 e2 hul-a-na gig-ga-bi im-me
256egi2-re ec3 urim2ki hul-a-na gig-ga-bi im-me
257an-ne2 uru2-ju10 na-aj2 ha-ba-da-an-kud uru2-ju10 hu-mu-da-gul
258dmu-ul-lil2-le e2-ju10 cu he2-bi2-in-bal jical-e ha-ba-ra
259sig-ta di-ja2 izi ha-ba-ni-in-cub a uru2-ju10 hu-mu-da-gul
260dmu-ul-lil2-e i-bi2 nim-ta di-ja2 u3-bu-bu-ul ha-ba-ni-in-cub
261uru2 bar-ra uru2 bar hu-mu-da-an-gul a uru2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
262uru2 cag4-ba uru2 ca3-ab hu-mu-da-an-gul a uru2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
263e2 uru2 bar-ra-ju10 ha-ba-gul-gul a e2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
264e2 uru2 cag4-ba-ju10 ha-ba-gul-gul a e2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
265uru2-ju10 u8 zid-gin7 ba-ra-ma-lu sipad zid-bi ba-ra-jen
266urim2ki u8 zid-gin7 ba-ra-ma-lu gab2-bar-bi ba-ra-jen
267gud-ju10 tur3-bi-a ba-ra-mu-un-cub mu-lu-bi ba-ra-jen
268e-ze2-ju10 amac-bi-a ba-ra-mu-un-cub na-gada-bi ba-ra-jen
269id2 uru2-ja2-ke4 sahar ha-ba-nijin2 e2 ka5-a ha-ba-an-du3
270cag4-ba a zal-le ba-ra-mu-un-de6 mu-un-kud-bi ba-ra-jen
271gana2 uru2-ja2-ke4 ce ba-ra-ma-al mu-un-gar3-bi ba-ra-jen
272gana2-ju10 gana2 jical-e ri-a-gin7 mul-gana2 bil2 ha-ba-mu2
273pu6 kiri6 lal3 gurun dirig-ju10 jicu2-ad2 kur-ra ha-ba-mu2
274edin giri17-zal-bi du3-du3-a-ju10 gir4-gin7 ha-ba-hur-hur
275mu-un-gur11-ju10 buru4mucen-dugud zig3-ga-gin7 dal-dal-bi ha-ba-ab-in-zig3 mu-un-gur11-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
276mu-un-gur11-ju10 sig-ta di-ja2 sig-ce3 ha-ba-ab-ir mu-un-gur11-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
277mu-un-gur11-ju10 i-bi2 nim-ta di-ja2 i-bi2 nim-ce3 ha-ba-ab-ir mu-un-gur11-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
278kug za na4za-gin3-ju10 hu-mu-da-an-bir-bir-re mu-un-gur11-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
279gil-sa-ju10 sug-ge4 hu-mu-da-ab-gu7 mu-un-gur11-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
280kug-ju10 lu2 kug nu-zu-u3-ne cu-bi ha-ba-da-ab-si
281za-ju10 lu2 za nu-zu-u3-ne gu2-bi ha-ba-da-ab-si
282buru5mucen mucen-ju10 hu-mu-dal-dal a uru2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
283gi4-in du5-mu-ju10 ma2-e ha-ba-ab-lah4-e-ec a uru2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
284me-li-e-a gi4-in-ju10 uru2 kur2-ra cu-ce-er kur2 ha-ba-an-dab5
285cul-ju10 edin ki nu-zu-na tug2mu-un-sir2 ha-ba-an-ak
286[me-li-e-a uru2-ju10] nu-me-a me-e ga-ca-an-bi nu-jen
287[dnanna] urim2ki nu-me-a me-e lu2-bi nu-jen
288ar2-mur-ra e2-ju10 ha-ba-du3-a uru2-ju10 ha-ba-gul-la
289nu-nus zid-jen uru2-ju10-ta uru2 kur2 ha-ba-ra-du3-du3-a
290ar2-mur-ra uru2-ju10 ha-ba-du3-a e2-ju10 ha-ba-gul-la
291ga-ca-an-gal-jen uru2-ju10-ta e2 kur2 ha-ba-ra-du3-du3-a
292me-li-e-a uru2 mu-da-gul u3 e2-ju10 mu-da-gul
293dnanna ec3 urim2ki mu-da-gul mu-lu-bi ba-ug5-ga-ec
294me-li-e-a me-a tuc3-u3-de3 me-a gub-bu-de3
295me-li-e-a uru2-ju10-ta e2 kur2 ma-ra-an-du3-u3-de3
296nu-nus zid-jen e2-ju10-ta uru2 kur2 ma-ra-an-ja2-ja2-de3
297ki-bi-ta edin-ta ba9-ra2-a-bi a mu-lu-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
298uru2-ju10 urim2ki-ta ba9-ra2-a-bi a uru2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4
299lu2 siki-ni numun2-bur-gin7 cu mu-ni-in-dub2-dub2
300gaba-ni ub3 kug-ga-am3 i3-sig3-ge a uru2-ju10 im-me
301igi-ni er2-ra mi-ni-ib-zi-zi-i-zi er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
302me-li-e-a uru2-ju10 nu-me-a me-e ga-ca-an-bi nu-jen
303dnanna ec3 urim2ki nu-me-a me-e mu-lu-bi nu-jen
304me-li-e-a e2-tur3 bur12-ra-jen ab2 sag2 dug4-ga-jen
305dga-ca-an-gal-jen na-gada pe-el-la2-gin7 jictukul ganam4-ma bi2-in-cub
306me-li-e-a uru2-ta ed2-a-jen ni2 nu-dub2-bu-jen
307dga-ca-an-gal-jen e2-ta ed2-a-jen ki-tuc nu-pad3-de3-jen
308i-gi4-in-zu gir5 uru2 kur2-ra saj il2 tuc-a-jen
309e2 ur5-ur5-ra aj2-gig-ga-am3 saj-a tuc ma-ab-us2-e
310e2 ur5-ra mu-lu tuc-bi tuc-tuc-a gu3 e-ne-ej3 nu-dirig-jen
311ki-ba nam uru2-na mu-un-na-tej3 er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
312nin-ra nam e2-a-na mu-un-na-tej3 er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
313nam e2 hul-a-na mu-un-na-tej3 er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
314nam uru2 hul-a-na mu-un-na-tej3 er2 gig i3-ce8-ce8
315me-li-e-a na-aj2 uru2-ju10 ga-am3-dug4 na-aj2 uru2-ju10 gig-ga-am3
316nin-jen e2 gul-la-ju10 ga-am3-dug4 na-aj2 e2-ju10 gig-ga-am3
317ce-eb urim2ki-ma a dug4-ga-am3 a bi2-gi4-a-ju10
318e2 zid-ju10 uru2-ju10 dul-dul-da ba-mar-re-en-na-ju10
319bur2-ra e2 zid gul-la-za-ka ba-e3-de3-nu2-u3-nam
320gud cub-ba-gin7 in-jar-zu-ta ba-ra-mu-e-da-zig3-ga
321me-li-e-a du3-a-zu lul-la-am3 gul-la-zu gig-ga-am3
322nu-nus-jen ec3 urim2ki nidba-bi i3-ba-kur2-ra-am3
323agrun-kug e2 gibil-gibil-la-ju10 la-la-bi nu-gi4-a-ju10
324uru2-ju10 du3-a la-ba-mar-ra-ju10 ta-a-ac hul-a-ju10
325ba-gul in-ga-ba-hul-a-ju10 ta-a-ac hul-a-ju10
326a-da-al ud hul gig dug4-ga a2-bi la-ba-ra-ed2
327urim2ki-ma e2 dsuen-na-ju10 gul-la-bi gig-ga-am3

328ki-ru-gu2 7-kam-ma-am3

329a uru2-ju10 a e2-ju10


331nin cag4-zu a-gin7 du3-mu-un za-e a-gin7 i3-til3-le-en
332dnin-gal cag4-zu a-gin7 du3-mu-un za-e a-gin7 i3-til3-le-en
333munus zid lu2 uru2 ba-e-da-gul-la i3-ne-ec2-gin7 i3-e-am3-mu2
334dnin-gal lu2 kalam ba-e-da-til-la cag4-zu a-gin7 du3-mu-un
335ud uru2-zu im-ma-gul-la-ba i3-ne-ec2-gin7 i3-e-am3-mu2
336ud e2-zu im-ma-gul-la-ba cag4-zu a-gin7 du3-mu-un
337uru2-zu uru2 kur2-ra ba-ab-jar i3-ne-ec2-gin7 i3-e-am3-mu2
338e2-zu er2-re ba-an-di-ni-ib-jar cag4-zu a-gin7 du3-mu-un
339uru2 dul-dul-da ba-jar-ra-zu mucen-bi nu-jen
340e2 zid jical-e ba-jar-ra-za tuc-bi-ce3 la-ba-tuc-en
341uj3 ki-lul-la ba-ab-re7-a-za nin-bi-ce3 la-ba-kur9-re-en
342er2-zu er2 kur2-ra ba-ab-jar ka-na-aj2-zu nu-ce8-ce8
343er2 ca3-ne-ca4 nu-tuku-am3 kur-kur im-ma-an-tuc
344kalam-zu nij2-dug4 dirig-gin7 gu3 cu ba-ni-ib-dab5
345uru2-zu dul-dul-da im-ma-an-jar i3-ne-ec2-gin7 i3-e-am3-mu2
346e2-zu cag4 sug4-ga ba-an-du3 cag4-zu a-gin7 du3-mu-un
347urim2ki ec3 lil2-e im-ma-an-jar i3-ne-ec2-gin7 i3-e-am3-mu2
348gudu4-bi hi-li-a ba-ra-mu-un-jen cag4-zu a-gin7 du3-mu-un
349en-bi ji6-par3-ra ba-ra-mu-un-til i3-ne-ec2-gin7 i3-e-am3-mu2
350uz3-ga lu2 cu-luh-e ki aj2-e cu-luh nu-mu-ra-an-ja2-ja2
351a-a dnanna icib-zu cita kug-ga cu nu-mu-ra-ni-in-du7
352lu2-mah-zu gi-gun4-na kug-zu cag4 gada la-ba-an-la2
353en zid cag4 hi-li-a pad3-da-zu e2-kic-nu-jal2-la-am3
354ec-da ji6-par3-ce3 hul2-la-na nu-mu-ni-in-dib-dib-be2
355a-u3-a e2 ezem-ma-za ezem nu-mu-ni-in-dug3-ge-ec
356cem3 kuca2-la2-e nij2 cag4 hul2-le-da tigi-a nu-mu-ra-an-du12-uc
357uj3 saj gig2-ga ezem-zu-ce3 a la-ba-an-tu5-tu5-ne
358gu-gin7 mu-sir2-ra nam ha-ba-ni-in-tar ulutim2-bi ha-ba-an-kur2
359en3-du-zu er2-ra ba-e-da-an-kur9 en3-tukum-ce3 mu2
360tigi-zu a-nir-ra ba-e-da-an-kur9 en3-tukum-ce3 mu2
361gud-zu tur3-bi-a ba-ra-mu-un-de6 i3-bi nu-mu-ra-ak-e
362udu-zu amac-bi-a ba-ra-mu-un-dur2-ru ga-bi nu-mu-ra-dulu-e
363i3 gur3-ru-zu tur3-ta nu-mu-ra-de6 en3-tukum-ce3 mu2
364ga gur3-ru-zu amac-ta nu-mu-ra-de6 en3-tukum-ce3 mu2
365cu-pec ku6 gur3-ru-zu hul jal2-e ba-an-dab5 en3-tukum-ce3 mu2
366mucen-du3 mucen gur3-ru-zu jir2-jir2-re im-DU
367id2 ma2-gur8-ra ba-ab-du7-a-zu cag4-ba temesar ba-mu2
368har-ra-an jicgigir-ra ba-ab-jar-ra-za u2-jicad2 kur-ra ba-mu2
369nin-ju10 uru2-zu ama-bi-gin7-nam er2 mu-e-ci-ce8-ce8
370urim2ki-ma dumu sila ha-lam-ma-gin7 ki mu-e-ci-kij2-kij2
371e2-zu lu2 nij2 u2-gu de2-a-gin7 cu mu-e-ci-ca-an-ca4-ca4
372sig4 e2 zid-da-zu lu2-ulu3-gin7 me-a-zu im-me
373nin-ju10 e2-ta ed2-a he2-me-en uru2-ta ba-ra-ed2-me-en
374en3-ce3-am3 uru2-za lu2-erim2-gin7 bar-ta ba-e-da-gub
375ama dnin-gal uru2-zu lu2-erim2-gin7 gaba-za ba-e-de3-sa2
376nin uru2-ni ki aj2 he2-me-en-na amac-zu-ta ba-e-ni-tag
377kalam-ma-ni-ce3 kuc2-u3 he2-me-en-na za-e izi-ba mu-un-tag
378ama dnin-gal gud-gin7 tur3-zu-ce3 udu-gin7 amac-zu-ce3
379gud-gin7 tur3 ud-bi-ta-ce3 udu-gin7 amac-zu-ce3
380dumu ban3-da-gin7 ama5-zu-ce3 nin-ju10 e2-zu-ce3
381an lugal dijir-re-e-ne-ke4 muc3-am3-zu he2-em-me
382den-lil2 lugal kur-kur-ra-ke4 nam-zu he2-eb-tar-re
383uru2-zu ki-bi ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4 nam-nin-bi ak-a
384nibruki ki-bi ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4 nam-nin-bi ak-a
385urim2ki ki-bi ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4 nam-nin-bi ak-a
386i3-si-inki ki-bi ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4 nam-nin-bi ak-a

387ki-ru-gu2 8-kam-ma-am3

388me-ju10 mu-da-kur2-ra-am3


390e ud-de3 ud-de3 kalam tec2-a mi-ni-ib-ra
391ud gal an-na-ke4 ud gu3 dub2-dub2-be2
392ud gig-ga kalam-ma ba-e-zal-la-ri
393ud uru2 gul-gul-e ud e2 gul-gul-e
394ud tur3 gul-gul-e ud amac tab-tab-be2
395jarza kug-ga cu bi2-ib2-la2-a-ri
396jalga nij2-arattaki-ka cu pe-el-la2 im-mi-ib-dug4-ga-ri
397ud kalam-ma nij2-dug3 im-mi-ib-kud-da-ri
398ud saj gig2-ga a2 bi2-ib-la2-a-ri

399ki-ru-gu2 9-kam-ma-am3

400ud-re ud igi-ba tec2 nu-jal2-la-ri


402ud ama nu-zu-ri ud a-a nu-zu-ri
403ud dam nu-zu-ri ud dumu nu-zu-ri
404ud nin9 nu-zu-ri ud cec nu-zu-ri
405ud usar nu-zu-ri ud ma-la nu-zu-ri
406ud dam im-cub-ba ud dumu im-cub-ba-ri
407ud-de3 ud kalam-ma u2-gu bi2-ib-de2-a-ri
408ud hul gig dug4-ga den-lil2-la2-ta im-mi-in-zal-la-ri
409a-a dnanna ud-bi uru2-zu-ta ki nam-ba-ja2-ja2
410uj3 saj gig2-zu igi-«zu» nam-bi2-ib-du8
411ud-bi cej7 an-ta cej3-ja2-gin7 ki-tuc-bi nam-ba-gur-ru
412nij2-zi-jal2 an ki saj gig2 im-ma-an-dub2-ba-ri
413ud-ba du3-a-bi he2-em-ma-gul-lu
414abul ji6-u3-na-gin7 jicig he2-bi2-in-KEC2-da
415ud-ba citim2-ma na-an-ni-ja2-ja2
416nij2-cid-bi e2 den-lil2-la2-ta jicgag-ta he2-em-ta-si-ig

417ki-ru-gu2 10-kam-ma-am3

418ud ul ud kur2-ra ud-da ejer-bi-ce3


420ud ul kalam ki jar-ra-ce3
421dnanna lu2 sun9-na jiri3-zu mu-un-dab5-be2
422er2 e2 sig9-ga-bi mu-ra-an-de6 igi-zu-ce3 du12-a-bi
423saj gig2 ba-ra-cub-bu-uc-a-bi giri17 cu ha-ra-ab-tag-ge-ne
424uru2 dul-dul-da ba-an-jar-ra-za i-si-ic hu-mu-ra-an-ja2-ja2
425dnanna uru2ki ki-bi gi4-a-za pa ed2 ha-ra-ab-ak-e
426mul an kug-gin7 nam-mu-un-ha-lam-e igi-zu he2-bi2-ib-dib2-be2
427dijir lu2-u18-lu-ke4 kadra mu-ra-an-de6
428lu2 sizkur2-ra-ke4 a-ra-zu mu-ra-ab-be2
429dnanna arhuc kalam-ma-me-en
430en dac-im2-babbar cag4-zu im-mi-ib-dug4-ga-ri
431dnanna lu2-ulu3-bi nam-tag-ga-ni u3-mu-e-du8
432lu2 a-ra-zu im-me-a-bi cag4 ha-ba-na-huj-e
(3 mss. add 1 line:
432Adijir lu2-ba-ke4 nij2-cag4-jar mu-ra-an-de6)
433lu2 sizkur2-ra mu-un-gub-ba-bi-ir igi zid mu-un-ci-in-bar
434dnanna igi du8-a bar-ra-zu cag4 cu ninni2 sug4-ga-am3
435lu2-ulu3-bi ud hul du3-a-ba he2-em-ma-an-ci-kug-ge
436cag4 kalam-ma jal2-la-zu he2-em-ma-an-ci-kug-ge
437dnanna uru2 ki-bi gi4-a-za me-tec2 he2-i-i

438ki-ru-gu2 11-kam-ma-am3

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