The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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Sîn-iddinam and Ishkur (Sîn-iddinam E): bibliography

Print sources used

Frayne, Douglas, Old Babylonian Period (2003-1595 BC). (The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia. Early Periods, 4) University of Toronto Press: Toronto/Buffalo/London, 1990, 177-179: score transliteration, translation

Michalowski, Piotr, "Sin-iddinam and Ishkur", in Leichty, Erle (ed.), and Ellis, Maria de J., and Gerardi, Pamela, A Scientific Humanist: Studies in Memory of Abraham Sachs (Occasional Publications of the Samuel Noah Kramer Fund, 9) The University Museum: Philadelphia, 1988, 265-275: score transliteration, translation, photograph, commentary

Cuneiform sources

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