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An adab to Enki for Ishme-Dagan (Ishme-Dagan D): composite text


1en gal mah X dijir-re-e-ne di-zu galam u18-ru
2a-a den-ki nir-jal2 ucum zag dib nam ki-bi-ce3 tar-re
3me lu-lu-a-ba dur2 jar-ra /ce\-er-zid-de3-ec gun3-a
4/nun\ gal saj-KEC2 [dijir]-re-e-ne [...] X an kug-ga


1(X) (X) IM [...]
2KA ki-zu [...]
3nam tar-ra-zu ki-bi-ce3 ci-jar den-lil2 ban3-da-me-/en\
4da-nun-na dijir gal-gal-e-ne me cu mu-ni-ib2-hal-ha-X
5ki-ur3 ki-tuc kug mu-ne-ja2-ja2 nir /saj il2\-bi-me-en
6nam-mah-zu nij2 cu nu-tej3-je26-dam a DU X [...]
7abzu kur me nun-na du3-a ki sikil-la [...]
8sug gal sug muc-a la2-a eridugki ec3 [...]


10a-a den-ki dic-me-dda-gan [...] ki? tur gal he2-X-[...]

11jic-gi4-jal2 sa-gid2-[da-bi-im]

12den-ki en dumu saj an-na [...]
13dnu-dim2-mud gud gal abzu-a X [...]
14nitalam-zu kug ddam-gal-nun-na [...] he2-me-da-an-[...]
15a-a den-ki gu2-da hu-mu-e-X-[la2 (X)] cag4 hu-mu-da-ab-/kuc2\-[u3]
16inim sag9-ga dic-me-dda-[gan-na] [...]
17nam-cita2 lugal-la2 su3-/ra2\ [...]
18gu3 zid de2-a den-lil2-la2 X [...]
19dic-me-dda-gan sipad inim-ma [...] dumu den-lil2-/la2\ [...]
20me-lem4-a-ni kalam-ma cu mu-ra-an-[...] an ki zag X [...]
21nir he2-jal2 kur-kur lu-a-ba gaba-gi4 na-[... -tuku]
22dic-me-dda-gan sig-da igi-nim-ce3 [...]
23mu-na-ab-du7 dijir kalam-ma-ke4 cir3-re [...]
24id2idigna id2buranun-e si hu-mu-X [...-sa2 (X)] he2-jal2 hu-mu-na-ab-[tum2-mu]
25ubur an-na-ke4 jal2 hu-mu-na-ab-da13-[da13] buru14-bi he2-na-[...]
26gana2 gal-gal-la ce ziz2 gig gu2 /nida\ [...] he2-[na- ...]
27gurx(X.MAC.U.LAGABxU)-e gu2 ha-mu-na-[ab-gur] dacnan hu-mu-X-[...]


29a-<a> den-ki dic-me-dda-gan nam-lugal [...] bal he2-gal2-la saj-ce3 [... -rig7]

30jic-gi4-/jal2\ sa-[jar-ra-bi-im]

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