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An adab to Enki for Ishme-Dagan (Ishme-Dagan D): translation


1-4Great lord, prominent (?) among the gods, your judgments are clever and powerful! Father Enki, respected one, supreme dragon, who determines the fates firmly, who has taken his seat upon the numerous divine powers in colourful brilliance (?), great prince, the guardian of the gods, ...... of holy An!


2 lines fragmentary
The fates you determine are firm; you are the junior Enlil. You (?) distribute the divine powers for the Anuna, the great gods. You establish for them a habitation, a holy dwelling place; you are their proud lord. Your greatness is unapproachable ....... You (?) ...... in a pure place the abzu, the mountain built with princely divine powers; ...... Eridug, the shrine, which extends over huge marshes, marshes of snakes.

9 Sa-gida.

10Father Enki, may ...... for Icme-Dagan.

11 Jicgijal of the sa-gida.

12-27Enki, lord, firstborn son of An ......, Nudimmud, great bull of the abzu ......, may you ...... with your consort, holy Damgalnuna. Father Enki, may you embrace her and soothe your heart with her. ...... friendly words on behalf of Icme-Dagan. ...... the prayer of the king until distant days. The one blessed by Enlil ......, Icme-Dagan, the shepherd, ...... the son of Enlil. May his radiance ...... for you to the outer limits of heaven and earth. May he have authority, may he be peerless in all the numerous countries. May Icme-Dagan ...... from the south as far as the uplands. ...... the god of the Land ....... May the Tigris and Euphrates ......, may they bring abundance for him. May the udders of heaven open for him; may the harvest ...... for him. May barley, emmer, wheat, gu-nida grain ...... on vast fields for him. May grain heaps be heaped up for him; may Acnan .......

28 Sa-jara.

29Father Enki, bestow ...... kingship and a reign of abundance upon Icme-Dagan.

30 Jicgijal of the sa-jara.

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