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A prayer to Marduk (?) for Hammu-rabi (Hammu-rabi B): composite text

1[d]lugal-cuburki /men\ dinx(EDIN)-na nam-lugal-la [saj-ja2 hu-mu-ra-an-jal2]
2[d]/en-ki-ke4\ [en] nam-til3-la nam-til3-la /he2\-[eb- ...]
3e2-u6-nir e2 jic-hur an-ki-a me? /car2\-[ra u5-a]
4muc3 nam-en-na-zu ni2 [me]-lem4 ha-ra-/dul-e\
5me nam-lugal-la pa ed2 ha-ra-ab-ak-e
6jic-hur nam-en-na gi16-sa-ce3 hu-mu-ra-ab-la2
7 tu6-tu6 nam-til3-la-kam mi2 zid hu-mu-ri-in-dug4 nam su3-ud-jal2 ha-ra-ab-tah-e
8 mu pad3-da-ni-gin7 mu pad3-da-zu su den-ki-ke4 ha-ba-ni-dug3
9 jestug3 jizzal cu zid ha-ra-an-ja2-ja2
10[nij2] /du-ri2\-ce3 [nu]-ub-kur2-ru-gin7 mu nam-lugal-zu
11a-a den-ki mu nam-til3-la-zu ha-ba-ni-sud-sud
12kur-kur kilib-ba-bi nam-en-bi ha-ra-ab-rig7-ge
13[d]ha-am-mu-ra-bi lugal-ju10

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