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A prayer to Marduk (?) for Hammu-rabi (Hammu-rabi B): translation

1-13May Lugalcubur place on your head the sacrosanct (?) crown of kingship! May Enki, the lord of life, ...... life, and in the E-unir, the house of the plans of heaven and earth which rides upon all the divine powers, may he cover your priestly headdress in awe and splendour! May he make the divine powers of kingship resplendent for you, and fit you up forever with the plans appropriate to the rank of en priest! May he gently recite for you live-giving incantations, bestowing in addition a long-lived destiny; may the uttering of your name delight Enki as much as the uttering of his own name! May he reward you with wisdom and intelligence! May your royal name be as something unchangeable! May father Enki prolong the years of your life, and may he grant you lordship over every one of the foreign lands. O Hammu-rabi, my king!

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