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An adab to Bau for Ishme-Dagan (Ishme-Dagan B): translation

1-8Lady, imbued with fearsomeness, whose greatness is recognised in heaven and on earth, perfect in nobility! Mother Bau, foremost among ladies, warrior ......! Powerful goddess, who perfectly controls the august divine powers, proud one, ...... great intelligence! ......, true woman, wise lady who has been made knowledgeable from birth! Daughter of An, expert, eloquent, who holds everything in her hand! Lady, great doctor of the black-headed people, who keeps people alive, and brings them to birth. Cuhalbi, incantation priestess of the numerous people, ......! Merciful, compassionate one of the Land, lady of justice!

9-19Enlil, the king of all the foreign countries, Nunamnir, the lord who determines the fates, decreed something of great importance in the shrine Nibru, in Dur-an-ki: he made you exalted in the shining E-kur, ....... You are the strong spread-net of Nunamnir. Anguba priestess, who provides the E-kur with food, you are in charge of the wine. You are Enlil's exalted daughter-in-law, you are the one who stands next to him with the libation water (?). Because you prostrated yourself humbly with supplications, Nunamnir, the prince of all the foreign countries, entrusted to you the exalted office of accountant of heaven and earth, and exalted you, giving you the rank of lady of the shrine which brought the seeds of mankind forth.

20-26Your own father, An, the highest god, clothed you in the ma garment. He gave you the warrior of Enlil, Ninjirsu, as your husband. He bestowed on you the E-ninnu, the holy city, the shrine which brought forth the seeds of mankind. He has set up your lofty throne-dais in Lagac, in Jirsu, the mooring post of the Land, in E-jalga-sud, your beloved residence, in Tar-sirsir, the temple of ladyship; and now all the gods of the land of Lagac bow down before your august residence.

27-30Supreme lady, whose divine powers are untouchable, daughter of An, omniscient great lady, young woman, mother Bau, you have looked favourably on the young man of handsome form, prince Icme-Dagan, the son of Enlil; you have determined for him a good fate once and for all.

31 Sa-gida.

32It is mother Bau who is to give prince Icme-Dagan, the son of Enlil, a life of numerous days.

33 Jicgijal of the sa-gida.

34-42You introduced prince Icme-Dagan, clasping to his breast a white lamb and a sheep of auspicious omens, into the E-namtila, Enlil's temple, and made him stand at the royal offering place of life. Then you saluted the Great Mountain, Enlil, and told him: "Father Enlil, great lord of all the foreign countries, determine the fate of Icme-Dagan, call him by name!" Enlil, the king of all the foreign countries, looked encouragingly upon him, beaming radiantly; and determined a fate for Icme-Dagan:

43-60"Prince Icme-Dagan, as your fate, you shall be given a throne which concentrates all divine powers, an enduring legitimate crown and a sceptre which maintains the people and keeps them united. The Tigris and the Euphrates shall bring abundance, carp-filled waters for you, their yield shall be long-lasting for you (1 ms. has instead: ......). Their banks shall grow vegetation for you, they shall bring (?) you rejoicing. The irrigated orchards shall yield (?) syrup and wine for you. The fertile arable tracts shall grow dappled grain for you; grain piles shall be heaped up for you. Cattle-pens shall be built, sheepfolds shall be enlarged for you. Your name shall be exalted as king; you shall be elevated as prince. All the foreign countries from below as far as the uplands shall bring tribute for you. You shall shine radiantly in the grand main courtyard like sunlight. Your food offerings shall never cease in the shining E-kur." This is how Enlil determined his fate. From the E-kur he gave huge strength to the king. He has been made lordly; Enlil's words made him a man without rival. He directed his steps proudly there and entered the august palace, the royal residence. As he took his seat on the shining holy throne-dais, the palace .......

61 Sa-jara.

62-64Good woman, daughter of An, Enlil has called for you! ...... the holy shining throne-dais ...... told you; young woman, mother Bau, the daughter of An, Enlil has called for you! ...... the holy shining throne-dais ...... told you: "Bestow on Icme-Dagan, the son of Enlil, a life of numerous days!"

65Its uru.

66An adab of Bau.
(ll. 65 and 66 are written as one line in source)

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