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A hymn to Nibru and Ishme-Dagan (Ishme-Dagan C): translation

1-15Shrine of Nibru, shrine surpassing the abzu, shining E-kur; your prince is the Great Mountain, Enlil, who surpasses the Prince (i.e. Enki) . Your great lady is the good woman, mother Ninlil, excelling in refinement. Your caretaker is one whose vigour is surpassing, the hero Ninurta. The chief minister (i.e. Nuska) , who is worthy of your fair copper vessels, who makes your bedchamber exceedingly pleasant, is also the guardian watching over your honourable divine powers; he is the shepherd watching over your honourable divine powers. Your provider, who was engendered by the Great Mountain and was born by Ninlil -- Icme-Dagan, who was engendered by the Great Mountain, and was born by Ninlil, he who has achieved a high reputation among his numerous people, throws himself at your feet.

11-16Nibru, your praise suits the mouth! May it be uttered by every mouth! The Anuna gods always stand by your truthful utterances. Shrine Nibru, primeval city, where the divine powers are allotted, sweet is your praise! At the great festivals prepared with care in Nibru, all the great gods ...... the majesty of Enlil and Ninlil.

17 Sa-gida.

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