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Letter from Ur-saga to a king fearing the loss of his father's household: composite text

1lugal gud (1 ms. has instead: am) (1 other ms. has instead: /alim?\) igi gun3 sun4 na4za-gin3 la2-ju10-ur2 a-na car-ri ca ki /al-pi\ ci-it-ha-/ri qi2\-bi-/ma\
3alan kug-sig17 ud dug3-ga tud-da ßa-lamx(LUM) hu-/ra\-ßi i-nu-mi ¡a-bu «UD.DA»
4ab2-za-za amac kug-ga buluj3-ja2 cag4 kug dinana-ta pad3-da (1 ms. has instead: kug dinana [X] [d]/suen-na\) wa-tu
5en nir-jal2 dinana-ju10-ur2 u3-na-de3-tah
6za-e dim2-ma-zu dumu an-na-me-en wa-X [...] X-ra-ni
7dug4-ga-zu inim dijir-ra-gin7 hur nu-gi4-gi4-dam (1 ms. has instead: /kur\-kur nu-/gi4\-[...]) hu-ur la ta-ar
8inim-zu im an-ta cej3-ja2-gin7 cid nu-tuku-tuku-dam (1 ms. has instead: /cid\ nu-du3-du3-/dam\) (1 other ms. has instead: cid nu-da13-da13-/dam?\) X /BI\.NA
9mur-sag9-ga arad-zu na-ab-be2-a
10lugal-ju10 bar-ja2 en3 bi2-in-tar (2 mss. have instead: li-bi2-in-tar) dumu urim2ki-ma-me-en
11tukum-bi lugal-ja2 an-na-kam (1 ms. has instead: /lugal-ju10\ u3-na-an-dug3)
12e2 ad-da-ja2 lu2 nam-ba-ab-tum3
13ki-ur3 e2 ad-da-ja2 (1 ms. has instead: ki-ur3 ab-ba-ja2) lu2 nam-mu-da-an-kar-re
14lugal-ju10 he2-en-zu

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