The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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An adab to Nanna (Nanna H): bibliography

Print sources used

Hall, Mark Glenn, "A Study of the Sumerian Moon-God, Nanna/Suen", University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, 1985 (Ph.D. Dissertation): 471-475: commentary

Sjöberg, Åke, Der Mondgott Nanna-Suen in der sumerischen Überlieferung. I. Teil: Texte. Almqvist & Wiksell: Stockholm, 1960,35-43: score transliteration, translation, commentary

Wilcke, C., "Formale Gesichtspunkte in der sumerischen Literatur", in Lieberman, Stephen J. (ed.), Sumerological Studies in honor of Thorkild Jacobsen on his seventieth birthday, June 7, 1974 (Assyriological Studies, 20) University of Chicago Press: Chicago and London, 1976, 205-316. P. 253: commentary

Cuneiform sources

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