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Three ox-drivers from Adab: composite text

1gu5?-li-li 3-am3 dumu adabki-ke4-ne
2di in-da-ab-tuku-uc-am3 di-da ab-kij2-kij2-e
3inim ib2-ta-an-car2-car2-ec-am3 lugal-e an-ta ba-an-gi
4lugal-me gud-da ri i3-ak-e-de3-nam
5gud lu2 dic-a-kam ab2 lu2 dic-a-kam jicmar lu2 dic-a-kam
6enmen2 bi2-tuku-un-da-nam a nu-mu-e-da-jal2
7lu2 gud-da-ra a u3-um-te-si a ga-naj-en-de3-en-e-ce
8gud-ju10 ur!-mah-e u3-bi2-gu7 gud-ju10-ta ba-ra-ed2-de3-en-e-ce
9lu2 ab2-ba-ra a u3-um-te-si a ga-naj-en-de3-en-e-ce
10ab2-ju10 edin-ce3 u3-ba-jen ab2-ju10-ta ba-ra-ed2-de3-en-e-ce
11lu2 jicmar-ra-ra a u3-um-te-si a ga-naj-en-de3-en-e-ce
12jicmar-ju10 gu2?-un? u3-un-/ku-ku\-ru ta-az-za-ba-al jicmar-ju10-ta ba-ra-ed2-de3-en-e-ce
13gana ga-ni-re7-en-de3-en gana ga-an-ga-am3-gi-de3-en
14gud ec2? ba-a-la2-e um?-la2 ab2 a-sila3-jar-ra-bi um?-sur-sur-ru amar jicmar-ra zu2 bi2-in-gub
15amar-e a-ba-kam amar-e a-ba-am3 ba-an-de6
16lugal-e inim nu-mu-un-ne-ci-ib2-gi se2-ek-rum-ce3 ba-da-an-kur9
17lugal-e se2-ek-rum-ta ad mu-un-di-ni-ib2-gi-gi
18[juruc 3]-/am3\ an-ta ba-an-gi-ec-a
19/lugal-me\ gud-da ri i3-ak-en-de3-nam
20gud lu2 dic-a-kam ab2 lu2 dic-a-kam jicmar lu2 dic-a-kam
21enmen2! bi-/tuku\-un-da-nam a nu-mu-e-da-jal2
22lu2 gud-da-ra a u-um-te-cub a ga-naj-en-de2-en-e-[ce]
23gud-ju10 ur-mah-e u3-bi2-gu7 gud-ju10-ta ba-ra-/ed2\-[de3-en-e-ce]
24lu2 ab2-ba-ra a u3-um-te-cub a ga-naj-en-de3-[en-e-ce]
25ab2-/ju10\ [edin]-/ce3\ u3-ba-jen ab2-ju10-ta ba-ra-ed2-[de3-en-e-ce]
26/lu2\ [jicmar-ra]-/ra\ a u3-um-te-cub a ga-naj-en-de3-/en\-[e-ce]
27[jicmar-ju10 gu2-un] /u3\-[un-ku-ku-ru] jicmar-ju10-ta ba-ra-/e3\-[de3-en-e-ce]
28[gana ga-ni-re7-en-de3-en] /gana? ga?\-[an-ga-am3-gi-de3-en]
29gud ec2? ba-a-la2-e ab?-la2 ab2 a-sila3-jar-ra-bi ab?-sur-sur-ru amar jicmar-ra zu2 bi2-in-gub
30[amar-e a-ba-kam amar-e a-ba-am3 ba-an-de6]
35 lines missing
65[ga-nam lu2 gud-da-ke4 a-cag4-ga-ni ...]
66[gud-da-ni ur-mah-e u3-bi2-gu7 ...]
67[a-cag4-ga-ni ...]
1 line missing
69ur-saj X [...]
70lu2 hur-saj-gin7 AN X [...]
71gu3-ra ur-/re\ ba-X [...]
72a2-tuku? a-cag4-ga-na zag /lu2?\ [...]
73ga-nam lu2 ab2-ba-ke4 dam-a-[ni...]
74ab2-ba-ni edin-ce3 u3-ba-jen-na [...]
75dam-a-ni tilla2-a u3!-ba-an-ak [...] im-su2-qi2 i-la-ak-ma
76ab2 a-sila3-jar-ra-bi um-sur-sur-ru [...]
77ur-saj IM-a jen-na-da [...]
78dam-a-ni ni2-te?-ni ri-ri-e-/a di\ X [...]
79gu3-ra kurum6-ma-ni ur2-ra-na-ce3 bi2-in-gur-ra cag4-jar AN [...]
80dam-a-ni e2-a-na an-da-tuc!-am3 cag4-ge gur6-/ni\ [...]
81ga-nam lu2 jicmar-ra-ke4 me!-ni ugu-na um-da-cub-ba X [...]
82jicmar-ra-ni gu2-un um-kud-ku5-ru-a jicmar-/ra-ni-ta u3\-[...]
83me-ni e2-a-na u3-da-an-de6 e2-a-ni-ta ba-ra-/cub\-[ba]
84amar jicmar-ra zu2 bi2-in-tum3-/tum3\-a-ni e2-a-na ab-ta-an-[tur?]-tur?
85ur-saj a2 ba9-ra2 A /TE?\ (1 ms. has instead ba9-DU.UR?) um-ma-ni-tij4-e-a
86lugal-e inim-inim-ma-ni3 u3-bi2-in-zu ki-cub-ba-ni-ta (1 ms. has instead: ki-gub-ba-[...]) me-ni um-ta-an-cub-ba
87gu3-ra X e2 AC ur ke4 a jic ad-bi jectug2-ja2? u3-un-hal-ha nu-mu-da-zi-zi
88gu2-un-na-ni bur2-bur2-da ensi2? gu-la an-dib-ba nu-mu-un-da-/gi?\-gi
89lugal-e se2-ek-rum-ta ed2-da-ni-ta
90lu2 dic? cag4-ga-ni A? cag4-ga-ni ba-an-ci-ib2-sig9
91lu2 dam-a-ni hul an-gig-ga-am3 dam-a-ni-ta ba-an-da-jen
92lu2 me-ni me-ni ba-an-da-/cub?\
93inim galam-galam-ma dumu adabki-ke4-ne
94inim galam-galam-ma-ta di in-dab5-dab5-be2
95DIC dpa5-nijin3-jar-ra pa4-cec-ne-ne um-mi-a dijir adabki-ke4 dub-sar-bi

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