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c.3.1.20/Tr/Gl {i3-ne-eš2 mar-tu kur-bi-ta den-lil2 a2-taḫ-ĝu10 im-ma-zig3} {[i3]-ne!-eš2 ti-da-nu-um […] den-lil2 kur-bi-ta a2 […]}
c. an-ša4-an! ki ti-da-nu-um-/ma\ [X]
c.2.2.4/Tr/Gl ugu-bi-ta ti-id-nu-um nu-ĝar-ra ib2-ta-an-zig3-ge4-eš-am3
c.2.2.3/Tr/Gl ti-id-nu-umki-e ud šu2-uš ĝišmitum2-a ur2-ra ba-ni-in-ĝar
c.3.3.03/Tr/Gl ti-id-nu-umki-e {šu} {saĝ} bi2-in-ĝar šibir-bi mu-un-dab5-be2
c.2.2.3/Tr/Gl kur ti-id-nu-umki-ma-ka ḫe2-eb-zal kur-re ḫe2-eb-zal
c. tidnum-e u6 dug3 i3-mi-dug4
c.3.1.08/Tr/Gl [X] X-ma tidnum-e kur-bi-ta ma-ra-an-gur

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