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A song of Inana and Dumuzid (Dumuzid-Inana L)

1. šul dnanna-ĝu10 lu2 /AN\ []
2. /ze2?\-ba-ĝu10 ki ma!-an-aĝ2 /ḫul2?\ []
3. [] [d]ba-u2 ki ma-ra-an-aĝ2 lu2? []
4. [X] a? ru-a-ĝa2? za-e? []
5. [] ZA KA X []
6. [] X KA X []
unknown no. of lines missing

Print sources

Sefati 1998, p. 206-207, XLI: score transliteration, commentary, photograph

Tinney 1999, p. 45: commentary

Electronic sources

Sefati 1999: composite text, translation

Cuneiform sources

Ni 4552 r. 11'ff. (ISET 2 17)

Revision history

03.ii.1999: JAB, editor: standardisation
05.viii.1999: GC, editor: proofreading
18.x.1999: GZ, editor: SGML tagging
29.x.1999: ER, editor: proofreading SGML
04.xi.1999: ER, editor: web publication GC/JE, editor/technical developer: XML/TEI conversion
30.iii.2005: GC/JE, senior editor/technical developer: lemmatised version published

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