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A song of Inana and Dumuzid (Dumuzid-Inana Z)

Segment A

1. [ama] ugu-ju10 za-a-ra ja2-a im-mi-in-tu-ud-en
2. [ga]-/ca-an\-gal?-ju10 za-a-ra ja2-a im-mi-in-tu-ud-en
3. [X X]-/un?\-ma-al-e-en ca3-ab ki-ig aj2-ja2 i3-du
4. [X X]-/da\-ja2 ca3-ab ki-ig aj2-ja2 bi2-du
5. [X X] [de3]-mu-un-ci-du me-e mu-ci!-hul2-en
6. [ddu5-mu]-/zid\ de3-mu-un-ci-du me-e mu-da-hul2-en
7. [X X] JIC KU TUM? X /me?-e? mu-na?\-X-/BU\
8. [ddu5-mu]-zid /de3\-[...] X [...]
9. [...] X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing

Segment B

1. X X [...]
2. mu-/ud-na\-ju10 /gu2\-[da ja2-la2-e-en-de3-en]
3. ja2-nu e-ne di de3-/hul2-le?\-[en-de3-en]
4. dama!-ucum-ju10 gu2-da ja2-la2-e-/en-de3-en\
5. ja2-nu e-ne di4? de3-hul2-le?-en-de3-en
6. gu5-li an-na u3-mu-un aj2 ca3-ba-ju10
7. ur5 sag9-ge cag4 hul2-la dutu-me he2-me-en
8. u3-mu-un-ra da-an-ci-jen me-e du5-mu-na-da-ab-dug4
9. u3-mu-un ca3-ab-ja2 me-e du5-mu-ne-de-be2
10. ki dmu-ul-lil2-da X KU IM? DI?-en
11. a-a-ju10 dsuen-e cag4-ge bi2-in-pad3-de3-en
12. ca3-ab-ja2 bi2-in-pad3-de3-en me-e mu-lu ca3-ba-jen
13. aga zid men kug saj-za ma-ra-ni-ma-al
14. dim3-me-er gal-gal-e-ne i-bi2-bi ca-mu-un-gub-en
15. da-nun-na-ke4-ne mu-lu dalla bi2-in-e3-a
16. mu-ud-na-ju10 gu2-da ja2-la2-e-en-de3-en
17. mu-nu2 gi-rin-ja2-da ga-ba-e-nu2-en-de3-en
18. dama-ucum-ju10 gu2-da ja2-la2-/e\-[en-de3-en]
19. mu-nu2-«da» gi-rin-ja2-da ga-ba-X-[nu2-en-de3-en]

Print sources

Sefati 1998, p. 281-285, XLI: photograph, commentary, translation, score transliteration

Electronic sources

Krecher 1998a: score transliteration

Krecher 1998j: composite text, translation

Sefati 1999: score transliteration, translation

Cuneiform sources

HS 1429 ii 5'ff.-iii (TMH NF 3 24)

Ni 4552 r. 1'-10' (ISET 2 17; PAPS 107 524)

Revision history

29.i.1999: JAB, editor: standardisation
28.x.1999: GC, editor: proofreading
01.xi.1999: GC, editor: SGML tagging
03.xii.1999: ER, editor: proofreading SGML
04.ii.2000: ER, editor: correcting tablet list
21.xi.1999: ER, editor: web publication GC/JE, editor/technical developer: XML/TEI conversion
30.iii.2005: GC/JE, senior editor/technical developer: lemmatised version published

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