The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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This website is written in simple HTML 4.0 without tables or frames, and is designed to be read with any browser. If you have any accessibility problems, please email us:

Moving around the site using headers and footers

The header at the top of every page of this website contains links to the major components of the site.

There is also a footer at the bottom of every page, enabling you to return to the top of the current page, to go to the ETCSL home page or to email the ETCSL team, or to search the corpus. In addition, within the corpus you can follow links in the footer to take you to the composite text, translation, or bibliography of the composition you are looking at.

Below the footer is information about when each page was created and last modified, and who is responsible for its content.

Moving about within the corpus

The ETCSL corpus is published as ordinary HTML documents on this website. For each composition there is a composite text in transliteration, a translation into English prose, and a short bibliography. The compositions are accessed through the catalogues. You cannot move directly between compositions, but there are three ways of moving between the translation, composite text, and bibliography for each one:

Downloading the corpus

HTML and SGML versions of the corpus are available from the Oxford Text Archive. Unfortunately the project itself does not have the facilities to provide the whole corpus to users, either in HTML or in SGML, but you can use the "Save As..." facility on the File menu of your web browser to download individual HTML files onto your own computer.

Searching the corpus (NB! Obsolete.)

Help with searching the corpus is provided on a separate page.

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