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Proverbs: collection 28

Segment A


1. (cf. The battle-club does not find out his name, it just finds his flesh.


2. The city may change its name, but let my name stand!


3. The mongoose does not know fear of god.


4-5. (cf., 6.1.19.c3, 6.1.22: ll. 87-88) Accept your lot and make your mother happy! Run fast and make your god happy!


6. An eagle (?) enters a man's mouth.


7. When a fly enters, your mouth will buzz (lit. fly) .


8-9. (cf. 6.1.15.c2, 6.1.26.b3) Let the ox be struck with a stick and let the sheep be given the whip. Where there is no toughness, no one can go about their business, not even a plenipotentiary.


10. (cf.,, 6.1.15.c3, 6.1.26.b4) If oil is poured into the inside of a sceptre (-- nobody will know) .


11-13. If a man does not treasure his god, that man will not be buried. His heir will not provide him with water libations ....... 1 line fragmentary


14-19. ...... a slave girl's tears ...... spouse ...... is a slave girl's child. ...... boat ...... his marsh ...... his marsh ...... 2 lines fragmentary unknown no. of lines missing

Segment B


20. 1 line fragmentary


21. (cf., In marrying (?) a malicious husband (-- in bearing a malicious son, an unhappy heart was assigned to me) .


22. Disease that afflicts the heart ...... a man.


23. The wild beasts (?) have no houses; the waste land .......


24. A tureen ...... released (?) ...... not ...... dust ......: it is an abomination to Utu.


25-26. When a man walks about, he finds something. When a woman walks about, she loses something.


27. You really ...... to the hireling selling roasted grain.


28. A slave wafting smoke.


29-30. (cf., 6.2.3: UET 6/2 209 ll. 1-3, ll. 193-199) The palace is a forest. The king, the lion, subdues men with a huge net like Nungal.


31. (cf., 6.1.19.d9) When the mistress left the house and the slave girl came in from the street, away from her mistress the slave girl set up her own banquet.


32-33. (cf. Where there is no grain, this is a sign of vengeance turned toward a city. Where there are no reeds, it is the worst of all poverty.


34-35. (cf., 6.1.22: ll. 191-193) "I bow over your thighs" is what the leather-workers say. I swear by Enki that it will take no time at all is what the fullers say.


36-38. (cf., 6.1.22: ll. 19-20, 6.2.3: UET 6/2 311 ll. 4-5) When the fish is too hot, let him cool it down for you and pick out the bones for you. ...... go ......, I ...... happy .......

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10.x.2001-16.xii.2002: JT, editor: adapting translation
26.iii.2002: JAB, editor: proofreading
16.xii.2002: GC, editor: SGML tagging