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Letter from Gudea to his god imploring support: composite text

1/dijir\-ja2 u3-na-/dug4\
2mgu3-/de2\-a arad-zu na-ab-/be2\-a
3udu-gin7 sipad gen6-na nu-tuku
4na-gada gen6-na nu-mu-un-tum2-tum2-mu
5dam-gar3 saj du3-du3 nu-zu bal-ce3! mu-X-ak
6ance-gin7 kucusan3 hul-jal2-la hul-jal2-la bi2-in-[X]
7saj i3-tuku inim nu-um-me! igi tuku igi mu-[...]-/un\-X
8nij2-ak-a-ju10 igi? a-ra2 7-e nu-un-DU X X
9zag-ba a-ra2 7-e nu-mu-un-da-pad3-[X]-X
10dijir-ju10 /lu2\ kur2 di nu-me-en cag4-zu /ki!\-bi! /ha\-ma-ab-gi4-/gi4\

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