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Letter from X to the god Nanna: composite text

1dnanna dumu saj den-lil2-la2 cud3-de3 ki aj2-ra
3en iti6 dajal bur2 men an urac-a a-na be-lim ca ßi2-it wa-ar-hi-cu ra-bi-ic cu-pa-ru-ru a-ge-e ca-me-e u3 er-ße-tim
4en gal lu2 til3-til3 ki aj2-me-en a-a saj gig2-ga be-lum ra-bu-u2 ca a-we-lam bu-lu-¡u2 i-ra-mu a-bi ßa-/al\-ma-<at> qa2-<qa2>-di-im
5lugal cag4-la2-sud4 si-il (ms: GI4) u3 du8 mu-un-zu-a! a-na car-ri-im re-me-ni-im ca! /ru?-ma?\-am u3 pa-/¡a-ra-am\ mu-du!-u2
6dijir arhuc-sud cag4 gur-ru a-ra-zu-/e\ jic tuku a-na i-lim re-me-ni-im ta-a-a-ri-im ce-mi te-es3-li-tim
8nam-en-na cu du7 aga zid /gur3-ru\-me-en be-lu-tam cu-uk-lu-lu a-ga-am ki-nam na-cu-u2
9muc3-me huc ulutim2-ta nir-ra alan kug hi-li du8-du8 zi-mu ru-cu-/tum\ bu-na-nu tu-ru-ßu2-tum la-nu-um el-lum /ca?\ [...]-du-u2!
10nam-mah-zu kur-kur-ra dul-la
11me-lem4-zu an kug-ga cu2-a ca-me-e el-lu-tim sa3-/ah\-pu
12/ni2 gal\-zu su-zi im-du8-du8 [...] X X ca-lu-ma-tam ma-lu
13 [...] /kalam\-e zag dib [...] i-na ma-tim cu-tu-uq
14 [ud ed2-ta ud cu2]-/uc\-e za-/e\ mah-me-en [i-na ßi2-it ca-am]-/ci\ u3 e-re-eb [ca-am]-ci at-ta-ma ßi-ra-a-ti
15 [...] /an-cag4-ta! ma-ra\-an-cum2 an /cu-zu-uc\ mu-un-jar [... id]-di-kum ca-me-e i-na qa2-/ti\-[ka (...)]
16 [an ki]-bi-ta lugal-bi za-e-me-en nam-bi i3-/tar-re\ ca-me-e u3 er-ße-tam be-el-cu-nu at-ta-ma ci-ma-ti-cu-nu ta-ci-a-am

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