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OB catalogue from Urim (U1): composite text

1lugal-e mu-ni nij2-ul-ce3 (Shulgi B)
2IR3-dsuen lugal
3i3-na-ab i-me-a (The marriage of Martu)
4kal din barag ra ra
5en3-bar gurun-na
7dsuen-i-di2-na lugal
8di4-<di4>-la2 ud-da (Dialogue 2, 5.4.02)
10in-nin me huc-a (Inana and Ebih)
11me-ta-am3 me-da-di a2-ti (Dialogue 5, 5.4.05 (?))
12cag4 gi-pisaj murub4 ca-ap-lu-um
13lugal-e mu-ni nij2-ul-ce3 (Shulgi B,
14en-e kur lu2 til3-/la-ce3\ (Gilgamesh and Huwawa, Version A)
15ud huc an ur2-ru
16i-a lu2-ulu3 (Gilgamesh and Huwawa, Version B)
17nin mul an-gin7 (Nisaba A, 4.16.1)
18e2 ud huc an ki (A hymn to Nungal)
20lugal-ban3-da (Lugalbanda)
21ud ec5-bar-kij2
22ud-ul-la (The farmer's instructions)
23ma2 TE nij2 KA DU3
24dumu e2-dub-ba (five compositions are known with this incipit: Edubba A, 5.1.1; Edubba C, 5.1.3; Edubba F, 5.1.a; Dialogue 1, 5.4.01; Dialogue 3, 5.4.03)
25cag4 gi-pisaj murub4 e-lu-um

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