The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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ETCSL: translation conventions

All translations are in continuous English prose, in complete sentences as far as possible. The translations may be divided into paragraphs for ease of reading. No paragraph is larger than one screen in length. Superscript line numbers are used, usually introducing groups of lines.

Damaged, missing or untranslatable passages from one to several words in length are indicated by the mark ...... (i.e. two ellipses). Damaged, missing or untranslatable whole lines or passages are indicated as follows, on a new line:

(1 line damaged/missing/unclear)
(32 lines damaged etc.)
(unknown no. of lines damaged etc.).

Individual words of which the translation is uncertain are followed by the mark (?). Sumerian words and names are systematically normalised in translation (e.g. Inana, Mes-ane-pada).

Completed and proof-read composite texts and translations are marked up in SGML, as described in the following section.

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