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A mythic narrative about Inana: bibliography

Print sources used

Van Dijk, J. J. A., "Inanna raubt den "grossen Himmel". Ein mythos", in Maul, Stefan M. (ed.), Festschrift für Rykle Borger zu seinem 65. Geburtstag am 24. Mai 1994: tikip santakki mala bashmu (Cuneiform Monographs, 10) Styx Publications: Groningen, 1998, 9-38: score transliteration, translation, commentary, handcopy, photograph

Zólyomi, Gábor, "W 16743ac (= AUWE 23 101)", NABU (2000) No. 38: commentary, score transliteration (ms. D)

Brown, David, and Zólyomi, Gábor, ""Daylight converts to night-time". An astrological-astronomical reference in Sumerian literary context", 2000 (manuscript): score transliteration, commentary (ll. D41--45)

Cuneiform sources

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