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Poem of Utu-hejal: bibliography

Print sources used

Frayne, Douglas R., Sargonic and Gutian Periods (2334-2113 BC). (The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia. Early Periods 2) University of Toronto Press: Toronto/Buffalo/London 1993, 283-293: composite text, score transliteration, translation

Römer, W.H.Ph., "Zur Siegesinschrift des Königs Utuhengal von Unug (+- 2116-2110 v. Chr.)", Orientalia 54 (1985), 274-288: translation, commentary, score transliteration

Sauren, Herbert, "Der Feldzug Utuhengals von Uruk gegen Tirigan und das Siedlungsgebiet der Gutäer", Revue d'Assyriologie 61 (1967), 75-79: commentary

Sollberger, Edmond, and Kupper, Jean-Robert, Inscriptions royales sumeriennes et akkadiennes. Les Éditions du Cerf: Paris 1971, 130-132: translation, commentary

Thureau-Dangin, Fr., "La fin de la domination gutienne", Revue d'Assyriologie 9 (1912), 111-120: score transliteration, handcopy, commentary, translation

Thureau-Dangin, Fr., "Un double de l'inscription d'Utu-hegal", Revue d'Assyriologie 10 (1913), 98-100: handcopy, commentary, score transliteration

Electronic sources used

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Cuneiform sources

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