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The Sumerian king list: composite text

(In the following composite text, mss. are referred to by the sigla used by Vincente 1995; from those listed there, mss. Fi, Go, P6, and WB 62 were not used; if not specified by a note, numerical data come from ms. WB.)

1[nam]-lugal an-ta ed3-de3-a-ba
2/eridug\ki nam-lugal-la
3eridugki a2-lu-lim lugal
4mu 28800 i3-ak
5a2-lal3-jar mu 36000 i3-ak
62 lugal
7mu-<bi> 64800 ib2-ak
8eridugki ba-cub
9nam-lugal-bi bad3-tibiraki-ce3
11bad3-tibiraki en-me-en-lu2-an-na
12mu 43200 i3-ak
14mu 28800 i3-ak
15ddumu-zid sipad mu 36000 i3-ak
163 lugal
17mu-bi 108000 ib2-ak
18bad3-tibiraki ba-cub-be2-en
19nam-lugal-bi la-ra-agki-ce3 ba-de6
20la-ra-agki en-sipad-zid-an-na
21mu 28800 i3-ak
221 lugal
23mu-bi 28800 ib2-ak
24la-ra-agki ba-cub-be2-en
25nam-lugal-bi zimbirki-ce3 ba-de6
26zimbirki en-me-en-dur2-an-na
27lugal-am3 mu 21000 i3-ak
281 lugal
29mu-bi 21000 ib2-ak
30zimbirki ba-cub-be2-en
31nam-lugal-bi curuppagki-<ce3> ba-de6
32curuppagki ubara-tu3-tu3
33lugal-am3 mu 18600 i3-ak
341 lugal
35mu-bi 18600 ib2-ak
365 iriki-me-ec
378 lugal
38mu-<bi> 241200 ib2-ak
39a-ma-ru ba-ur3-«ra-ta»
40ejer a-ma-ru ba-ur3-ra-ta
41nam-lugal an-ta ed3-de3-a-ba
42kicki nam-lugal-la
43kicki jucurx(JIC.UR3)
45mu 1200 i3-ak
47mu 960 (ms. P2+L2 has instead: 900) i3-ak
49 (ms. P2+L2 has:) /670\ mu i3-ak
51 (ms. P2+L2 has:) 420 mu a-ra2 X [(X)]-am3 iti 3 ud 3 1/2 i3-ak
52ba-bu-um X [(X)]
53 (ms. P2+L2 has:) 300 mu i3-[ak]
54pu-an-/nu-um\ mu /840\ (ms. P2+L2 has instead: /240 \) i3-ak
56mu 960 (ms. P2+L2 has instead: 900) i3-ak
57ka-lu-mu-um mu 840 (mss. P3+BT14, Su1 have instead: 900) i3-ak
59mu 900 (ms. Su1 has instead: 600) i3-ak
(In mss. P2+L2, P3+BT14, P5, ll. 60-61 precede ll. 57-59.)
60a2-tab (mss. P2+L2, P3+BT14, P5 have instead: a2-ba) mu 600 i3-ak
61<mac-da3 dumu> a2-tab-ba mu 840 (ms. Su1 has instead: 720) i3-ak
62ar-wi-u2-um dumu mac-da3-ke4
63mu 720 i3-ak
64e-ta-na sipad lu2 an-ce3
66lu2 kur-kur mu-un-gen6-na
67lugal-am3 mu 1500 (ms. P2+L2 has instead: 635) i3-ak
69dumu e-ta-na-ke4
70mu 400 (mss. P2+L2, Su1 have instead: 410) i3-ak
71en-me-nun-na mu 660 (ms. P2+L2 has instead: 621) i3-ak
72me-lem4-kicki dumu en-me-nun-na-ke4
73mu 900 i3-ak
(ms. P3+BT14 adds the line:
73A1560 mu bal en-me-nun-na-kam)
74bar-sal-nun-na dumu en-me-nun-na-ke4 (mss. P5, P3+BT14 have instead: bar-sal-nun-na)
75mu 1200 i3-ak
76zamugx(DUB)za-mug dumu bar-sal-nun-na-ke4
77mu 140 i3-ak
78ti-iz-qar dumu zamugx(DUB)za-mug-ke4
79mu 305! i3-ak
(ms. P3+BT14 adds the line:
79A1620? + X X [X X] X MU?)
80il-ku-u2 mu 900 i3-ak
82mu 1200 i3-ak
84 lu2 ma-da elamki-ma
85jictukul-bi ib2-ta-an-gur2
86lugal-am3 mu 900 i3-ak
88dumu en-me-en-barag-ge-si-ke4
89mu 625 i3-ak
(ms. P3+BT14 adds 2 lines:
89A/1525\ /mu\ [bal]
9023 lugal
91mu-bi 24510 iti 3
92ud 3 ud 1/2 ib2-ak
93kicki jictukul ba-an-sig3
94nam-lugal-bi e2-an-na-ce3 ba-de6
97dumu dutu en-am3
98lugal-am3 mu /324\ (ms. P2+L2 has instead: 325) i3-ak
100ab-ba ba-an-kur9
101hur-saj-ce3 ba-an-ed3
102en-me-er-kar2 dumu mec3-ki-aj2-ga-ce-er
103lugal unugki-ga lu2 unugki
104mu-un-du3-a (mss. L1+N1, P2+L2 have instead: mu-un-da-du3-a)
106mu 420 (ms. TL has instead: X + 900) i3-ak
(ms. P3+BT14 adds the line:
106A745 mu [bal] mec3-ki-in-ga-ce7-[er])

(ms. TL adds instead the line:
106Ben-am3 lugal-SI.NAM.SAR /mu\ [X] + /5\ in-ak)
107dlugal-ban3-da sipad
108mu 1200 i3-ak
109ddumu-zid cu-ha6
110iriki-ni kuaraki
111mu 100 (ms. TL has instead: 110) i3-ak
(ms. P3+BT14 adds 2 lines:
111Acu ac en?-me-barag-ge4-e-si
111Bnam-ra /i3?\-ak?)
113ab-ba-ni lil2-la2
114en kul-ab-ba-ke4
115mu 126 i3-ak
117dumu dgilgamec2
118mu 30 i3-ak
120dumu ur-dnun-gal-ke4 (ms. Su1 has instead: ur-lugal-ke4)
121mu 15 i3-ak
123mu 9 i3-ak
125mu 8 i3-ak
126/mec3?\-he2 simug mu 36 i3-ak
127me-lem4-an-na (ms. Su2 has instead: til3-kug X [...])
128mu 6 (ms. Su2 has instead: 900) i3-ak
129lugal-ki-tun3? mu 36 (ms. Su2 has instead: 420) i3-ak
13012 lugal
131mu-bi 2310 (ms. Su2 has instead: 3588) ib2-ak
132unugki jictukul ba-an-sig3
133nam-lugal-bi urim2ki-ce3 ba-de6
136lugal-am3 mu 80 i3-ak
137mec3-ki-aj2-dnanna (ms. P2+L2 has instead: mec3-ki-aj2-nun-na)
138dumu mec3-an-ne2-pad3-da
140mu 36 (ms. P2+L2 has instead: 30) i3-ak
141e-lu-lu mu (mss. L1+N1, P2+L2, P3+BT14 have:) 25 i3-ak
142ba-lu-lu (mss. L1+N1, P2+L2, P3+BT14 have:) 36 mu i3-ak
143 (mss. L1+N1, P2+L2, P3+BT14 have:) 4 lugal
144mu-bi (mss. L1+N1, P2+L2 have:) /171\ ib2-ak
145urim2ki [jictukul] ba-an-sig3
147a-wa-anki-[ce3] [ba-de6]
149[... lugal-am3]
150[mu ... i3-ak]
1 line missing
152mu [... i3-ak]
154mu 36 [i3-ak]
1553 [lugal]
156mu-bi /356\ [ib2-ak]
157a-wa-anki jic/tukul\ [ba]-/an\-sig3
159kicki-ce3 /ba-de6\
160kicki su8-sud3-da lu2aslag2
162mu 201 + X /i3\-ak
163da-da-sig mu (ms. vD has:) 81 i3-ak
164ma2-ma2-gal lu2ma2-lah4-e
165mu 360 (ms. L1+N1 has instead: 420) i3-ak
167dumu ma2-ma2-gal-ke4 (ms. WB has instead: ma2-gal-gal-/la\)
168mu 195 (ms. L1+N1 has instead: 132) i3-ak
169TUG2-e mu 360 i3-ak
170men-nun-na (ms. L1+N1 adds:) dumu TUG2-e-ke4 mu 180 i3-ak
172mu 290? i3-ak
(In mss. L1+N1, TL, l. 173 precedes ll. 171-172.)
173lugal-ju10 mu 360 (ms. L1+N1 has instead: 420) i3-ak
1748 lugal
175mu-bi 3195 (ms. L1+N1 has instead: 3792) ib2-ak
176kicki jictukul ba-an-sig3
178ha-ma-zi2ki-ce3 ba-de6
179ha-ma-zi2ki-a ha-da-ni-ic
181mu 6 cu-ci i3-ak
1821 lugal
183mu-bi 6 cu-ci ib2-ak
184ha-ma-zi2ki jictukul ba-an-sig3
(In mss. IB, L1+N1, TL, the 2nd dynasty of Unug of ll. 185-191 is preceded by the 2nd dynasty of Urim of ll. 192-203.)
185nam-lugal-bi unugki-ce3 ba-de6 (ms. P3+BT14 has instead: [nam]-/lugal\ a-ra2 2-kam-ma-ce3 [unug]ki-ce3? ba?-e?-gur?)
186unugki-ga en-cakan2-ca4-an-na
187lugal-am3 mu 1 cu-ci i3-ak
188lugal-ur-e (ms. P3+BT14 has instead: lugal-ki-/ni?-ce3?\-[du7-du 7]) 2 cu-ci mu i3-/ak\
189ar-ga-an-de2-a 7 mu i3-ak
190 (ms. L1+N1 has:) 3 lugal mu-bi (ms. L1+N1 has:) 187 ib2-ak
191unugki jictukul ba-sig3 (ms. TL has instead: ba-gul)
192/nam\-lugal-bi /urim2\-[ce3] [ba-de6]
193/urim2\-ma na-an-ni
195mu (ms. vD has:) 120 + X (ms. IB has instead: X + 54) i3-ak
196mec3-ki-aj2-d/nanna\ dumu na-an-ni-ke4
197mu (ms. vD has:) /48?\ i3-ak
199[...] X-ke4
200mu (ms. IB has:) /2\ i3-ak
201 (ms. IB has:) 3 lugal
202mu-bi (ms. IB has:) 582 (ms. TL has instead: /578\) ib2-ak
(instead of ll. 198-202, ms. vD has 2 lines:
A2 /lugal\
Bmu-bi 120 + X /i3\-ib2-ak)
203urim2ki jictukul ba-sig3 (ms. TL has instead: /ba-gul\)
204[nam]-lugal-/bi\ adabki-ce3 ba-de6
205adabki-/ba?\ lugal-an-ne2-mu-un-du3
206lugal-am3 mu (mss. L1+N1, TL have:) 90 in-ak
207 (mss. L1+N1, TL have:) 1 lugal
208mu-bi (mss. L1+N1, TL have:) 90 in-ak
209adabki jictukul ba-an-sig3 (ms. TL has instead: tukul ba-gul)
210nam-lugal-bi ma-ri2ki-ce3 ba-de6
211ma-ri2ki-a AN.BU
212lugal-am3 mu 30 (ms. TL has instead: 90) i3-ak
213AN.BA dumu AN.BU-ke4
214mu [17] (ms. TL has instead: 7) i3-ak
215«AN» ba-zi lu2acgab mu 30 i3-ak
216zi-zi lu2aslag2 mu 20 i3-ak
217/li?\-im-er gudu4 mu 30 i3-ak
218carrum-i-ter mu 9 (ms. TL has instead: 7) i3-ak
2196 lugal
220mu-bi 136 (ms. TL has instead: /184\) i3-ak
221/ma\-riki [jictukul] ba-an-sig3 (ms. TL has instead: ba-gul)
223kicki-ce3 ba-de6
224kicki-a kug-dba-u2
226suhuc kicki mu-un-gen6-na
227lugal-am3 mu 100 i3-ak
2281 lugal
229mu-bi 100 i3-ak
230kicki [jictukul] ba-an-sig3 (ms. TL has instead: /ba-gul\)
231nam-lugal-bi akcakki-<ce3> ba-de6
232akcakki-a un-zi
233lugal-am3 mu 30 i3-ak
234un-da-lu-lu mu 6 (mss. L1+N1, S have instead: 12) i3-ak
235ur-ur mu 6 i3-ak (ms. IB has instead: jal2)
236puzur4-dnirah mu (mss. IB, L1+N1, S, Su1 have:) 20 i3-ak
237i-cu-il mu (mss. IB, L1+N1, S, Su1 have:) 24 i3-ak
238cu-dsuen dumu i-cu-il-la-ke4 mu (mss. IB, L1+N1, S, TL have:) 7 (ms. Su1 has instead: 24) i3-ak
239 (mss. S, Su1, TL have:) 6 (ms. IB has instead: 5) lugal
240mu-bi (mss. L1+N1, S, TL have:) 99 (ms. Su1 has instead: 116) (ms. IB has instead: 87) ib2-ak
241akcakki jictukul ba-sig3 (ms. S has instead: akcakki-a bal-bi ba-kur2)
243kicki-ce3 ba-de6
(Mss. IB, S, Su1, Su3+Su4 list the 3rd and 4th dynasty of Kic of ll. 224-231 and ll. 244-258, respectively, as one dynasty; IB places Akcak after the 3rd/4th dynasty of Kic; S, Su1 place Akcak before the 3rd/4th dynasty of Kic.)
244kicki-a puzur4-dsuen
245dumu kug-dba-u2-ke4
246lugal-am3 mu 25 i3-ak
248dumu puzur4-dsuen-/na\-ke4
249mu 400 (mss. P3+BT14, S have instead: 6) (ms. IB has instead: 4 + X) i3-ak
(ms. P3+BT14 adds the line:
249A131? mu /bal\ kug-ba-u2-/kam\)
250zi-mu-dar (ms. TL has instead: zi-ju10-i3-/ak\-e) mu 30 (ms. IB has instead: 30 + X) i3-ak
251u2-ßi2-wa-tar2 dumu zi-mu-dar-ra-ke4 (ms. TL has instead: zi-/ju10\-i3-ak-e) mu 7 (ms. S has instead: 6) i3-ak
252ec4-tar2-mu-ti mu 11 (ms. Su1 has instead: /17?\) i3-ak
253ic-me-dcamac mu 11 i3-ak
(ms. Su1 adds 2 lines:
253B15 mu i3-ak)
254na-an-ni-ia zadim (ms. Su1 has instead: zi-mu-dar) (ms. IB has instead: be-li-[...]) mu 7 (ms. S has instead: 3) i3-ak
2557 (ms. S has instead: 8) lugal
256mu-bi 491 (ms. Su1 has instead: 485) (ms. S has instead: 586) ib2-ak
257kicki jictukul ba-an-sig3 (ms. S has instead: kicki bal-bi ba-/kur2\)
(ms. IB omits the 3rd dynasty of Unug of ll. 258-263)
258nam-lugal-bi unugki-ce3 ba-de6 (ms. P3+BT14 has instead: [nam]-/lugal?\ a-ra2? [3-kam-ma-ce3] /unug?ki-ce3?\ [ba-e-gur])
259unugki-ga lugal-zag-ge-si
260lugal-am3 mu 25 (ms. P3+BT14 has instead: 34) i3-ak
2611 lugal
262mu-bi 25 (ms. P3+BT14 has instead: 34) i3-ak
263unugki jictukul ba-an-sig3 (ms. S has instead: unugki-ga bal-bi ba-kur2)
265a-ga-de3ki-ce3 ba-de6
266a-ga-de3ki-a car-ru-ki-in
267ab-ba-ni nu-kiri6
268sagi ur-dza-ba4-ba4
269lugal a-ga-de3ki lu2 a-ga-de3ki
270mu-un-du3-a (ms. L1+N1 has instead: mu-un-da-du3-a)
271lugal-am3 mu 56 (ms. L1+N1 has instead: 55) (ms. TL has instead: 54) i3-ak
272ri2-mu-uc dumu car-ru-ki-in
273mu 9 (ms. IB has instead: 7) (ms. L1+N1 has instead: 15) i3-ak
275 cec gal ri2-mu-uc
276dumu car-ru-ki-in
277mu 15 (ms. L1+N1 has instead: 7) i3-ak
279dumu ma-ni-ic-ti-ic-[cu]
280mu (mss. L1+N1, P3+BT14 have:) 56 i3-ak
282dumu na-ra-am-dsuen
283mu (ms. L1+N1, Su+Su4 have:) 25 (ms. P3+BT14 have instead: 24) i3-ak
(ms. P3+BT14 adds 2 lines:
283A/157\ mu [bal]
284a-ba-/am3 lugal\ a-ba-am3 nu lugal (mss. L1+N1, P3+BT14 have instead, in Akkadian:) ma-nu-um car3 ma-nu-um la car3 (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: a-ba lugal a-ba lugal-am3)
285ir-gi4-gi4 lugal
(In mss. L1+N1, Su3+Su4, the rulers listed in ll. 286-287 are in reverse order.)
286i-mi lugal
287na-nu-um lugal
288i-lu-lu lugal
289 (mss. P3+BT14, S have:) 4-bi (mss. P3+BT14, S have:) 3 mu /ib2\-ak
290du-du mu 21 i3-ak
291 cu-dur-ul3 dumu du-du-ke4
292mu 15 (ms. IB has instead: 18) i3-ak
29311 (ms. S has instead: 12) (mss. Su1, Su3+Su4, which omit the rulers in ll. 290-291, have instead: 9) lugal
294mu-bi 181 (ms. S has instead: 197) (ms. Su1 has instead: 161) (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 177) ib2-ak
295a-ga-de3ki jictukul ba-an-sig3 (ms. S has instead: a-ga-de3ki bal-bi ba-kur2)
296nam-lugal-bi unugki-ce3 ba-de6
297unugki-ga ur-nijin3 lugal-am3
298mu 7 (ms. IB, S have instead: 3) (ms. Su1 has instead: 15) (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 30) i3-ak
299ur-jicgigir dumu ur-nijin3-ke4
300mu 6 (ms. IB has instead: 7) (ms. Su1 has instead: 15) (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 7) i3-ak
301kud-da mu 6 i3-ak
302puzur4-i3-li2 mu 5 (ms. IB has instead: 20) i3-ak
303ur-dutu mu 6 (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: ur-dutu) dumu ur-jicgigir mu 25 (ms. Su1 has instead: lugal-me-lem4 dumu ur-jicgigir mu 7) i3-ak
3045 (ms. Su3+Su4, which omits the rulers in ll. 301-302, has instead: 3) lugal mu-bi 30 (ms. IB has instead: /43!\) (mss. P4+Ha, S have instead: 26) (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 47) ib2-ak
305unugki jictukul ba-an-sig3 (ms. S has instead: unugki-ga bal-bi ba-kur2)
307ugnim (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: /ma-da\) gu-tu-umki-ce3 ba-de6
308ugnim (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: [ma]-/da\) gu-tu-umki
309lugal mu nu-tuku
310ni2-ta-a lugal-am3 mu 3 i3-ak
(instead of ll. 309-310, ms. L1+N1 has:
Alugal nu-ub-tuku
Bni2-bi-a mu 5 i3-ak)
311in-ki-cuc (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: [...]-/ga\-ba) mu 6 (ms. L1+Ni1 has instead: 7) i3-ak
312zar2-lagabla-gab mu 6 i3-ak
313cul-me-e (ms. L1+N1 has instead: ia-ar-la-ga-ac) mu 6 i3-ak
314si-lu-lu-me-ec (ms. Mi has instead: si-lu-lu) mu 6 (ms. G has instead: 7) i3-ak
315i-ni-ma-ba-ke-ec mu 5 (ms. Mi has instead: dug3-ga 6 mu) i3-ak
316i-ge4-ec-a-uc mu 6 (ms. Mi has instead: i-lu-AN mu 3) i3-ak
317ia-ar-la-gab mu 15 (ms. Mi has instead: 5) i3-ak
318i-ba-te mu 3 i3-ak
319ia-ar-la (ms. L1+N1 has instead: [ia]-/ar-la\-an-gab) mu 3 i3-ak
320ku-ru-um (ms. L1+N1 has instead: [...]-bi) mu 1 (ms. Mi has instead: 3) i3-ak
321/a\-pil-ki?-in mu 3 i3-ak
322[la-e2]-ra-bu-um mu 2 i3-ak
323i-ra-ru-um mu 2 i3-ak
324ib-ra-nu-um mu 1 i3-ak
325ha-ab-lum mu 2 i3-ak
326puzur4-dsuen dumu ha-ab-lum
326mu 7 i3-ak
327[ia]-ar-la-ga-an-da mu 7 i3-ak
328[si]-/UD\ mu 7 i3-ak
329[ti-ri]-/ga\ ud 40 i3-ak
33021 lugal
331[mu-bi] (ms. L1+N1 has:) 124 ud 40 (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 25) ib2-ak
332ugnim gu-ti-umki
333jictukul ba-an-sig3 (ms. TL has instead: [ba]-/gul\)
334nam-lugal-bi unugki-ce3 ba-de6
335unugki-ga dutu-he2-jal2 [lugal]-am3
336mu 7 cu-ci 7 ud [...] (ms. IB has instead: 26 [iti X] + 2 ud 15) (ms. J has instead: 7 iti /6\ ud [15]) (ms. TL has instead: 7 /iti 6 ud\ 5) i3-ak
3371 lugal
338mu-bi 7 cu-ci 7 /ud\ [...] (ms. J has instead: [7] iti 6 ud 15) (ms. TL has instead: 7 iti 6 ud 5) i3-ak
339unugki jictukul ba-an-sig3
340nam-lugal-bi urim2ki-ce3 ba-de6
341urim2ki-ma ur-dnamma lugal-am3
342mu 18 i3-ak
343dcul-gi dumu ur-dnamma-ke4
344mu 46 (mss. Su3+Su4, TL have instead: 48) (ms. P5 has instead: 58) i3-ak
345damar-dsuen-na dumu dcul-gi-ke4
346mu 9 (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 25) i3-ak
347cu-dsuen dumu damar-dsuen-na-ke4
348mu 9 (ms. P5 has instead: 7) (ms. Su1 has instead: 20 + X) (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 16) i3-ak
349i-bi2-dsuen dumu cu-dsuen-ke4
350mu 24 (mss. P5, Su1 have instead: 25) (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 15) (ms. TL has instead: /23?\) i3-ak
3514 (mss. J, P5, Su1, Su3+Su4 have instead: 5) lugal
352mu-bi 108 (ms. P5 has instead: 117) (ms. Su1 has instead: 120 + X) (ms. Su3+Su4 has instead: 123) ib2-ak
353urim2ki-ma jictukul ba-an-sig3 (ms. P5 has instead: /urim2ki\ bal-bi ba-an-kur2)
(ms. Su3+Su4 adds the line:) 353Asuhuc /ki\-[en-gi-ra] mu-/un\-[bu]
354nam-lugal-bi i3-si-inki-ce3 ba-de6
355i3-si-inki-na ic-bi-der3-ra lugal-am3
356mu 33 (ms. P5 has instead: 32) i3-ak
357cu-i3-li2-cu dumu ic-bi-der3-ra-ke4
358mu 20 (ms. P5 has instead: 10) (ms. Su1 has instead: 15) i3-ak
359i-din-dda-gan dumu cu-i3-li2-cu-ke4
360mu 21 (ms. Su1 has instead: 25) i3-ak
361ic-me-dda-gan dumu i-din-dda-gan-ke4
362mu (mss. P2, P5 have:) 20 (ms. Mi has instead: 18) i3-ak
363li-pi2-it-ec4-tar2 dumu ic-me-dda-gan-ke4 (ms. P2 has instead: di-din-[d]da-[gan])
364mu (mss. L1+N1, P2, P5 have:) 11 i3-ak
365dur-dnin-urta (mss. L1+N1, P2 add:) dumu dickur-ke4 mu he2-jal2-la bal sag9-ga til3 nij2-dug3-ga [(X)] ud ha-ba-/zal\-[zal-e] mu (ms. P5 has:) 28 i3-ak
366dbur-dsuen dumu dur-dnin-urta-ke4
367mu 21 i3-ak
369dumu bur-dsuen-ke4 mu 5 i3-ak
370der3-ra-i-mi-ti mu 8 (mss. P5, TL have instead: 7) i3-ak
(ms. P5 adds the line:) 370A/DA?\ [X X X] (X) X iti 6 /in\-[ak]
371den-lil2-ba-ni mu 24 i3-ak
372dza-am-bi-ia mu 3 i3-ak
373di-te-er-pi4-ca mu 4 i3-ak
374dur-dul-kug-ga mu 4 i3-ak
375dsuen-ma-gir mu 11 i3-ak
(ms. P5 adds the line:) 375Ada-/mi\-iq-i3-li2-cu dumu dsuen-ma-gir mu 23 [in-ak]
37614 (ms: 13) lugal
377mu-bi 203 (ms. P5 has instead: 225 iti 6) ib2-ak
(Mss. P2+L2, L1+N1 and P4+Ha conclude with a summary of the post-diluvian dynasties; the composite text of ll. 378-431 uses numerical data from each ms. but follows the wording of P2+L2 and L1+N1.)
378cu-nijin2 40!-la2-[1 lugal]
379mu-bi /14400\ + [X] + 9 mu [3 iti 3 1/2 ud] ib2-ak
380a-ra2 4-[kam]
381cag4 kic[ki]
382/cu-nijin2\ 22 /lugal\
383mu-bi 2610 + [X] 6 iti 15 ud ib2-ak
384a-ra2 5-kam
385cag4 unugki-ga
386cu-nijin2 12 lugal
387mu-bi 396 mu ib2-ak
388/a-ra2\ 3-kam
389[cag4] urim2ki-ma
390/cu-nijin2\ 3 lugal
391mu-bi 356 mu ib2-ak
392a-ra2 1-kam
393cag4 a-wa-anki
394[cu]-nijin2 1 lugal
395mu-bi 420 mu [i3]-ak
396a-ra2 1-[kam]
397cag4 /ha?\-[ma]-/zi\ki-a
16 lines missing
414[cu-nijin2 12] lugal
415[mu-bi 60] + 137 [mu] ib2-ak
416[a]-/ra2\ 1-kam
417[cag4] /a\-ga-de3ki
418/cu-nijin2\ 21 (ms. P4+Ha has instead: 23) lugal
419mu-bi 125 mu 40 ud (ms. P4+Ha has instead: 99) ib2-ak
420a-ra2 1-kam
421/cag4\ ugnim
423[cu-nijin] 11 (ms. P4+Ha has instead: 16) lugal
424[mu]-/bi\ 159 (ms. P4+Ha has instead: 226) mu ib2-ak
425[cag4] [i]-/si-in\ki-na
42611 iriki
427[iri]/ki\ nam-lugal-la /ib2\-ak-ka3
428[cu]-nijin2 134 (ms. P4+Ha has instead: 139) lugal
430mu-bi 28800 + [X] + 76 (ms. P4+Ha has instead: X + 3443)

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