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Rulers of Lagash: composite text

1[ejer a]-/ma\-ru ba-ur3-ra-ta
2[u3] /gel\-le-ej3 kur-ra-ke4 ba-an-jar-ra-ta
3/nam lu2\-ulu3 da-re-ec i-ak-a-ba
4numun nam-lu2-/ulu3\ im-mi-in-taka4-a-ba
5uj3 saj gig2-ga ni2-bi-a im-mi-in-il2-la-a-ba
6ud an-ne2 den-lil2-le
7nam-lu2-ulu3 mu-bi sa4-a-ta
8u3 nam-ensi2 in-/jar-ra\-ta
9nam-/lugal\ aga /iri-am3\
10an-/ta\ [nu]-ub-ta-an-ed2-[a-ba]
11d/nin-jir2\-su jical jic[mar]
12gidusu jicapin-e zi-cag4-jal2 /kalam\-[ma]
13uj3 sig10-ga car2-a nu-jar-re-ec-a-ba
14ud-ba lu2 tur dan3-dan3-na-ka
15mu 100 i3-ak
16nam-buluj3-ja2-ni-ta mu 100 bi2-in-ak
17kij2-gi4-a li-bi2-ib2-gi4-gi4
18i3-tur i3-tur-tur i3-jal2 ama-a-ni
19udu?-a-ni tur3-re im-ma-an-/ri-ri\
20ud-ba a lagacki du3 [...]
21jir2-suki cag4-jar [i3-jal2-am3]
22id2 nu-un-dun-[na-am3]
23eg2 pa5-re cu-/luh\ nu-ak-[am3]
24a-gar3 gal-gal-e X [(X)]-na nu-un-[X]
25/gan2\-ne2 gana2 zid-/de3\ [a] /he2\-jal2-la [nu-un-de2]
26nam-lu2-ulu3 igi-bi /im\-cej3-cej3-[ja2 in-bar]
27dacnan ce /gu\-nu nu-/ub-ta\-[an-mu2]
28ab-sin2-na [ka-bi nu-un-du8]
29gu2 nu-mu-/un\-[il2]
30an-edin-na [nu-un-uru4]
31gu2 nu-mu-/un\-[il2]
32kur-kur uj3 lu-a /dijir\-[re-ne-er]
between ll. 32 and 33 above the 2nd sign of l. 33 there is a small sign written which is probably U2
33 /kac\ ulucin kac/kurun2\ [...]
34/kac\kurun2 dug3 X X [...]
36/a-cag4\ gal /jic\[apin-ta]
10 lines missing
48/id2\ [...]
49a-cag4-/bi\ [...]
50id2 dun-/ne\-[de3]
51eg2 pa5-re /cu!\-[luh ak-de3]
52a-gar3 gal-gal-e X [...]
53gan2-ne2 gana2 zid-/de3\ [...] im-[...]
54jical jicmar gi[dusu jicapin-e]
55zi-cag4-jal2 /kalam\-[ma]
56uj3-ce3 im-ta-an-[jar-re-ec]
57/ud\-bi-a ce ed3-/de3\-[da]
58/jectug2\-ga-a-ni na-/an\-[gub]
59[ki]-/sikil\-ce3 igi-ni-ce3 ba-/ci\-in-gub-ba-/ac\
60ud ji6-bi-ta /ki\ ulutin-/bi\-[ce3]
61saj-ba ba-/ci-in-il2\
62dacnan ce numun-bi mu-/mu2\-a
63ki-a /bi2\-in-za-za-ac im-/mi-ni\-in-ed3-[de3-ec]
64d[acnan] [ce] gu-nu mu-[mu2]-/a\
65[...] KU? [...]-ec
67[...] /DU\
31 lines missing
99mu [X i3-ak]
100igi huc X X [...]
101id2 PU3 /mu\-[un-dun]
102mu 2760 i3-[ak]
104dijir-ra-ni dX [....]
105id2 nijin6ki-jic-tuku-am3 [mu-un-dun]
106mu 1200 i3-/ak\
107ud-ba /mu-sar\ nu-me-a X [...]
108id2 nu-un-dun gidusu [nu-un-il2]
109ud-bi-a a2 ur3 lugal [...]
110uj3 jic tag-ga kug-sig7 si sa2-a
111ed3-de3-ra huc-na huc-a
113X tag-ga utul9 zid-[de3]
114kalam-ce3 im-ta-an-ed2
115a suhur ab-ba abrig ur3-ra
116saj-ce3 mu-ni-rig7
118dumu en-a2-ki-gal-la-gub-ba
119mu 1320 i3-ak
121dumu en-dnin-jir2-su-ki-aj2
122mu 1800 i3-/ak\
123ur-dba-u2 dumu en-den-/lil2-le\-/ki-aj2\
124mu 900 i3-ak
125a2-gal dijir-ra-ni dig-alim
126mu 660 i3-/ak\
127KU-e dumu a2-gal-la-ke4
128mu 1200 i3-/ak\
129ama-alim /dumu\ /KU\-[e] [...]
130mu 600 /i3\-[ak]
131/da\-an-X [....]
132[mu X i3-ak]
133X [...]
134/mu\ [X i3-ak]
135A X [....]
136/mu\ [X i3-ak]
137/GANA2?\ [...]
138/UN\ [...]
2 lines missing
141id2 [... mu-un-dun]
142mu [X i3-ak]
2 lines missing
145/id2 \ /mah\ [id2 ...]
146id2 pirij3-/gin7\-jen [id2 ...]
147id2 pirij3 ka id2 /lugal?\-[ka]
148id2 gana2-/hi\-li-an-na id2 /TE\ [X]
149id2 dnance-pad3-da mu-un-[dun]
150a-gar3 gal-gal ac-e en3-bi tar-[re-de3]
151pa5 a dug4-ga AMAR.TI.AN [mu-un-dun]
152mu 2220 i3-ak
153ur-dnance /dumu\ X X-ma-ke4
154/e2\-sirara6! e2 cag4 hul2-la-ni
155nijin6ki iri ki aj2-ja2-ni mu-du3-a
156/mu\ 1080 i3-ak
157an-ne2-tum2 dumu ur-dnance-ke4
158ki alim-/ma\-na dijir-re-e-ne
159mu-un-gub-ba sa12-du5? den-lil2 gal X
160dijir-ra-ni dcul-utul?
161/mu\ 690 i3-ak
162[...] /NE\ dumu an-ne2-tum2
163mu [X+]360 i3-ak
164[en]-en3-tar-zid dijir-ra-ni dmes-an-DU
165/numun\ ud ri-a iri-da mu2-a
166mu 990 i3-ak
167[X]-/en\-da-in-si dumu en-en3-tar-zid
168[id2] [ur]-/mah\-ban3-da id2 tab-ta?-kug-jal2
169[mu-un-dun] dijir-a-ni dmes-an-DU
170[lugal-a-ni] dnin-jir2-su
171[e2-a-ni du3-da] mu-un-na-dug4
172/mu\ 960 i3-ak
173/en\-[den-lil2]-/le\-su /mu\ 600 i3-ak
174/en\-[X-X] /dumu\ [en]-[den-lil2]-/le\-su
175[dijir-ra]-ni d/nin\-[a]-zu mu 660 i3-ak
176[...]-/du8\ /mu\ 1110 i3-ak
177[puzur4]-[dnin]-/lil2\ /mu\ [X cu]-ci 1 i3-ak
178[en-dmes-an-DU dumu] /puzur4\-d/nin-lil2\-la2
179[dijir-ra-ni AN ... mu] 2 cu-ci i3-ak
180/da\-du /dumu\ en-dmes-/an-DU\ /mu\ 160 <i3-ak>
181tug2-gur dumu da-du mu 160 i3-/ak\
182la-X mu 120 i3-ak
183puzur4-dma-ma dub-sar [d]/nin-ki\
184dijir-ra-ni dza-za-ru mu [X] i3-ak
185LAM.KU-nij2-gen6-na ca3-tam puzur4-dma-ma
186lu2 bad3 jir2-/su\ki AC2?-[a]-ni
187/e2\-gal ti-ra-ac2 /ki\ lagacki mu-du3-a
188/mu\ 280 i3-ak
189[he2-en]-jal2 dumu LAM.KU-nij2-gen6-na
190[dijir-ra-ni] dpa4?-bil-saj mu 140 <i3-ak>
191[...] dumu he2-en-jal2 mu 144 <i3-ak>
192[ur]-dnin-mar-ki-ka dub-sar um-/mi\-a
193[X X] KAL saj dur2-ra /dijir-ra-ni\ dha-ia3 dnisaba
194[mu X+]20 i3-ak
195[ur]-[d]nin-jir2-su dumu ur-d/nin\-[mar-ki-ka] [mu X] /cu\-ci <i3-ak>
196[ur]-[d]ba-u2 dub-sar ur-d[nin-jir2-su-ka] /X\
197[...] X unken-na [... mu X+]30 <i3-ak>
198gu3-de2!-a cec ban3-da ur-dba-u2-/ka\ [...]
199dumu ama-na dumu ad-da nu-me-a [mu X i3-ak]
200e2-dub-ba sar-/ra\ dnisaba /za3\-[mi2]

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