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The history of the Tummal: composite text

1en-me-barag-ge4-e-si lugal-e
2iri-na-nam e2 den-lil2-la2 in-du3
3ag-ga dumu en-me-barag-ge4-e-si-ke4
4tum-ma-alki-e pa bi2-i-ed2
5dni n-lil2 tum-ma-alki-ce3 in-tumu3
6a-ra2 1-a-kam tum-ma-alki ba-cub
7mmes-an-ne2-pad3-da (1 ms. has instead: dmes-an-ne2-pad3-da) bur-cu2-cu2-a e2 den-lil2-la2 in-du3
8mmes-ki-aj2-nun-na (1 ms. has instead: dmes-ki-aj2-nun-na) dumu mes-an-ne2-pad3-da-ke4
9tum-ma-alki-e pa bi2-i-ed2
10dnin-lil2 tum-ma-alki-ce3 in-tumu3
11a-ra2 2-a-kam tum-ma-alki ba-cub
in 1 ms. ll. 12-16 precede ll. 7-11
12dgilgamec3-e numun2-bur-ra e2 den-lil2-la2 in-du3
13 mur-lugal dumu dgilgamec3-ke4
14tum-ma-alki-e pa bi2-i-ed2
15dnin-lil2 tum-ma-alki-ce3 in-tumu3
16a-ra2 3-a-kam tum-ma-alki ba-cub
17na-an-ni (1 ms. has instead: dna-an-ni) jickiri6 mah e2 den-lil2-la2 in-du3
18mmes-ki-aj2-dnanna (Ur mss. have: dmes-ki-aj2-dnanna) dumu na-an-ni-ke4) (Ur mss. have: mna-an-ni-ke4 ))
19tum-ma-alki-e pa bi2-i-ed2
20dnin-lil2 tum-ma-alki-ce3 in-tumu3
21a-ra2 4-a-kam tum-ma-alki ba-cub
22dur-dnamma-ke4 (1 ms. has instead: mur-dnamma-ke4) e2-kur in-du3
23cul-gi (Ur mss. have: dcul-gi) dumu dur-dnamma-ke4
24tum-ma-alki-e pa bi2-i-ed2
25dnin-lil2 tum-ma-alki-ce3 in-tumu3
26a-ra2 5-a-kam tum-ma-alki ba-cub
27mu damar-dsuen-ka-ta
(1 ms. has instead:

28en-na mu di-bi2-dsuen lugal-e
29en-am-gal-an-na (1. ms. has instead: en-me-gal-an-na ) en dinana unugki-ga mac2-e in-pad-de3
30dnin-lil2 tum-ma-alki-ce3 i-jen-jen
31inim lu2-dinana acgab gal den-lil2-la2-ce3 sar-re
32dic-bi-er3-ra e2-kur igi jal2-la2
33e2-cutum den-lil2-la2 in-du3

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