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A tigi to Nanaya for Ishbi-Erra (Ishbi-Erra C): translation

1-4Lady of the princely powers, emerging brilliantly like the daylight, chosen forever for her virtuous beauty! Nanaya, ornament of E-ana, worthy of the Lady! Wise one, correctly chosen as lady of all the lands by the Mistress: Nanaya, you instruct the Land, bestowing wisdom in E-ana.


6-11As fine as An, woman with a holy (?) head, made perfect by the ...... lady! Nanaya, properly educated by holy Inana, woman who is as bright as the stars, wise lady who is available for everything, righteous sympathetic woman, lady who is always available on request, counselled by holy Inana, beloved by the Mistress! Nanaya, great judge, deity who occupies the high throne of Unug!


13-16Righteous woman who knows well the verdicts of the good decisions of the Land, Nanaya, who is wise in directing the city and the numerous people, exalted woman adept at holy speech, lady fitted for beauty, Nanaya, pride of E-ana, well-spoken one of the Land!

172nd barsud.

18-22By An, the benevolent eye of the Land, the king of all countries, Nanaya ...... the Land ...... E-ana ...... beauty ....... The youthful good shepherd, the son of Nunamnir, has ...... -- Icbi-Erra, who wields great powers, ...... Nanaya his prayers unendingly like strong liquor ...... of E-ana.


24Icbi-Erra, constant benefactor of E-ana.


26-27Your Nanaya, who is beloved in the Land by the Mistress, is chosen together with you (?), Icbi-Erra; may you always be eulogised by her.


29-41Great lady, worthy source of inspiration, counselled (?) by the Mistress: luxurious divine powers have been generously given to you by the Mistress. Nanaya, great lady, worthy source of inspiration, counselled (?) by the Mistress! Icbi-Erra, you are the king and shepherd of the people! Nanaya, by the command of An you are the queen of all the countries. In the shrine, in Kulaba, ...... he declares it, and the people turn their hearts towards you as you address them. Nanaya, good woman, you are the favourable (?) name of the black-headed! O youth chosen in beauty by the Mistress, son of Enlil, your wise word is brightly made good for the goddess Inana! O Nanaya, the goddess has created your holy powers ...... for you. You have ...... turned the favourable eye of life onto the bedchamber, and Icbi-Erra is the youth chosen for his beauty.


43A tigi of Nanaya.

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