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A hymn to Enki for Ishme-Dagan: translation

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The task of ...... its marshes, of ...... the great arable lands and the fields, of ...... the fruit orchards that bear pure ......, of ...... food and drink for the Anuna gods -- all this was bestowed on him by father Enlil and the great mother, Ninlil.

6-12August Nibru! No deity excels like your lord and lady! They are powerful princes; they are brilliantly revealed deities. No deity excels like Enlil or Ninlil! They are powerful princes; they are lords who can decide destinies. In your midst they have given divine powers to king Enki. Nibru, your holy songs are exceptionally precious, surpassing all praise! I, Icme-Dagan, have placed them in everyone's mouths for all time.

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