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A praise poem of Lipit-Eshtar (Lipit-Eshtar A): translation

1-6I am a king treated with respect, good offspring from the womb. I am Lipit-Ectar, the son of Enlil. From the moment I lifted my head like a cedar sapling, I have been a man who possesses strength in athletic pursuits. As a young man I grew very muscular (?). I am a lion in all respects (3 mss. have instead: to the extremes (?)), having no equal.

7-16I am a gaping dragon, a source of great awe for the soldiers. I am like the Anzud bird, peering about in the heart of the mountains. I am a wild bull whom nobody dares oppose in its anger. I am a bison, sparkling with beautiful eyes, having a lapis-lazuli beard; I am ....... With my kind eyes and friendly mouth, I lift people's spirits. I have a most impressive figure, lavishly endowed with beauty. I have lips appropriate for all words. As I lift my arms, I have beautiful fingers. I am a very handsome young man, fine to admire.

17-22 I am Lipit-Ectar, king of the Land. I am the good shepherd of the black-headed. I am the foremost in the foreign countries, and exalted in the Land. I am a human god, the lord of the numerous people. I am the strong heir of kingship. Holding my head high, I am established in my position.

23-32I am An's purification priest with purified hands. An placed the great and good crown firmly on my head. Enlil gave the sceptre to me, his beloved son, in the Ki-ur. I am what makes Ninlil happy: she determined a good fate in the Ja-jic-cua. I have been made excellently beautiful by Nintud, the joyful woman, in brick-built Kec. I am one looked on favourably by Nanna: he spoke to me affirmatively in Urim.

33-42Udta-ulu imbued me, the man of his heart, with great awesomeness in E-cu-me-ca. I am he on whom Enki has bestowed wisdom: he gave me kingship in Eridug. As the beloved husband of Inana, I lift my head high in the place Unug. I am a proficient scribe of Nisaba. I am a young man whose word Utu confirms. I am the perfection of kingship. I am Lipit-Ectar, Enlil's son.

43-50I am he who makes an abundant crop grow, the life of the Land. I am a farmer, piling up his grain piles. I am a shepherd making fat and milk abundant in the cow-pen. I am he who makes the fish and birds grow bigger in the marshes. I am a river of plenty, bringing flowing water. I am he who increases the splendour of the great mountains. I have been given enormous strength by Enlil. I am Lipit-Ectar, his young man who respects him.

51-61I am the provider of the gods. I am he who cares unceasingly for the E-kur. I am the king clutching a kid to the breast as a gift. I pray in all humility. I am a king standing in prayer. I am he who speaks friendly words to appease Enlil. I am he whose prayers make Ninlil happy. I am he who serves Nuska indefatigably. I am he who is ever praying (?) at the Ki-ur. Bestowing many things, I am perfect for the foundation (1 ms. has perhaps: city). I am one who always hurries, but whose knees never tire.

62-70Bringing first fruits, I do not pass by the E-babbar. I am he who records abundance for Nibru. I serve Kec as its purification priest. I am first-rate fat and first-rate milk for Urim. I am indefatigable with respect to Eridug. I am he who increases the food offerings for the place Unug. I am he to whom life was given in the E-kur. I am he who desires liveliness for his city. I am Lipit-Ectar, the shepherd of all foreign lands.

71-81I, the king, am like pounding waves in battle. Girded in manliness, I never loosen my harness. I am he who sharpens his dagger. In battle I flash like lightning. A firm foundation, I repulse the troops. I am a sajkal stone, a pecpec stone. I am a siege shield, a screen for the army. A clear-eyed warrior, I make the troops firm. I am Lipit-Ectar, Enlil's son. Like a waterskin with cool water, I am life for the young men. Keeping my eyes on the road, I am the protection (1 ms. has perhaps: the aid) of the soldiers.

82-92I am a king who, as he sits, is fitted for the throne. I am possessed of a weighty persona for speaking. I am one with a far-reaching mind and intellect, examining requests. I do not hurry over anything, but research its background. I have a far-reaching heart and broad wisdom. I am a stone that brings ...... out of the Land. I am one that has truth in his mouth. I am one who never destroys a just person. I am a judge who, in making a decision, weighs his words fairly. I am one who is well-acquainted with giving orders to the foreign lands. I have established justice in Sumer and Akkad, and made the Land feel content.

93-97What of my truthful things can be thrown away? I, prince Lipit-Ectar, keep the people on a straight path. As regards my integrity: in what respect have I ever been idle? I am a strong person who has brought distinction to everything. I am Lipit-Ectar, Enlil's son.

98-108In my royal palace, my holy and good residence, my spouse holy Inana made firm the foundation of my throne. She will embrace me forever and eternally. I will spend all day for the Mistress in the good (1 ms.: lapis-lazuli) bedchamber that fills the heart with joy! I am Lipit-Ectar, the powerful heir; I am the king that makes justice prominent. May my name be called on in all the foreign lands! I am Lipit-Ectar, Enlil's son. It is sweet to praise me.

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