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An adab to Enlil for Bur-Suen (Bur-Suen B): translation


1-13...... who alone surpasses heaven and earth, the exalted one, prominent among the Anuna gods, whose utterances cannot be overturned! Nunamnir, whose decisions cannot be altered, proud one imbued with terrifying awesomeness, who alone is exalted (1 ms. has instead: who alone is eminent, the foremost one) among the Great Princes, has taken his seat in the shrine of Nibru, in Dur-an-ki, in E-kur, the temple where the fates are determined, in the holy shining temple. When mother Ninlil, who is equal in rank with the Great Mountain, embraces him ......, ...... says to ......: "...... chosen in the heart by ......."
unknown no. of lines missing


1-8The city, where ...... orders .......
1 line fragmentary
Enlil, what you say is exalted, and there is no god who can interpret it. "I will make the fate I have determined for you even more glorious. I will make your life long-lasting. I will make your days as numerous as those of Utu." You are the god of all the foreign lands!

9 Sa-jara.

10You are the lord who determines the fates! Bur-Suen's royal trust is in you!

11Its jicgijal.

12-14You have made justice and righteousness conspicuous, and you have made the Land feel content. Bur-Suen, may your name be a cause for rejoicing ...... daily. May you be exalted among ......; let them call you the pre-eminent lord!

15Its uru.

16An adab to Enlil.
(ll. 16 and 17 are written as one line in the source)

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