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Letter from Shu-Suen to Sharrum-bani about digging a trench: composite text

1mcar-ru-um-ba-ni u3-na-a-/dug4\
2dcu-<dsuen> lugal-zu na-ab-be2-a
3lu2 kij2-gi4-a mu-e-ci-gi-a-ju10 dirig cag4-ce3 X [...]
4ud ed2 a2-aj2-ja2-ju10 ja2-a-gin7-nam ma-[...] li-bi2-ib-dirig-/ge\
5ud ed2-da-zu-ne igi nu-/ub?\-X-[...]
6je26-e a-na ma-ab-<be2>-en-na-X [...]
7cag4 ma-da-ka jen-a-zu-[ne]
8ma-da a-ba? e-tej3 ji6 sa2 na-[...]
9lu2 gal-gal-bi-e-ne inim u3-[...]
10tukum-bi nij2 te-na-ja2 (1 ms. has instead: nam-ba-[...])
11KU-ne-ne KUC-a-ni? [...]
12lu2 gal-gal-bi-e-ne cubtu(KASKAL.LAGABxU/LAGABxU) he2-mu-e-da-sug2-[...]
13TUR.TUR-ne-ne (1 ms. has instead: TUR-ne-ne) ub-ta-ri
14e-ne-ne-gin7-nam ma-da [...]
15tukum-bi u3 lu2-jarza2-bi-e-ne
17buru3-da-ne-ne nu-e-da-sig10-ge5
18lu2 kur2-ra jar-jar-bi X
19iri-bi zag-bi u3-ne-ec2
20en-na ib2-ta-ab-ed3-de3 (1 ms. has instead: bad3-bi ab-ta-ed2-[...]) na-ab-ta-bal-e-ne
21nitah-bi u3-gaz
22munus-bi (1 ms. has instead: erin2-bi) iri ma-da-ka-zu dib2-ba-am3 la-ab-X (X)
23a2-ce3 mu-e-da-aj2
24a-na-ac-am3 ja2-a-gin7-nam nu-ak
25lu2 gaz-de3 igi hul-hul-le-de3
26/iri gul\-gul-de3 cu-zu-ce3 nu-jar-ra
27/nam-nir\-jal2 mu-ra-cum2
28ud bad3 igi TA DA KAM dcul-gi ad-da-<ju10> mu-un-du3-a
29za-e-en-ze2-en in-nu
30jicgu-za-ja2 jicgu-za dcul-gi-ra-ka in-nu
31m<lu2>-den-ki ensi2 ma-da zi-mu-dar!ki-ce3
3360 ugnim-ma-ka he2-tum2
34[...]-/ta\ he2-mi-ib-gi4-gi4
35[...]-ti /JA2\-[dub]-ba bi2-tur-e a2-aj2-ta
36/mu\-na-an-cum2-ma-ta bad3-bi he2-du3-a
37u3 za-e erin2 cu-zu-ta i3-jal2-la
38[hi]-ri-tum2«ki» ba-al-la2
39ma-da dim2-ma-bi nu-kur2-ru-de3
41en-na ma-da nu-um-gen7-na-ta
42erin2 nam-mu-un-du8-re-ze2-en
43lu2 kij2-gi4-a-e-ne a2-aj2-ja2 ma-da
44dutu-ed2-da-bi ha-ma-tum3

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