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Letter from Shu-Suen to Sharrum-bani about digging a trench: translation

1-2Say to Carrum-bani: this is what Cu-Suen, your lord, says:

3-6The messenger whom you have sent to me ....... ...... you do not exceed ...... my instructions, as I ordered you.
1 line unclear
As for myself, whatever you say to me .......

7-14When you went into the province -- who but you (?) has approached the province? Midnight ....... When their dignitaries have ...... their words, if ......
1 line unclear
Their dignitaries should stand by you in (?) their quarters. When their ...... have been cast away, they themselves ...... the province.

15-20If ...... officials should pass by (?),
1 line unclear
By (?) placing the enemy, their cities, their borders ......, until they come down (1 ms. has instead: they come out from their fortress), they must not overturn it!

21-22When their men had killed, their women (1 ms. has instead: their soldiers) passed (?) through your cities of the province; it was not .......

23-24That was how I instructed you. Why did you not act as I ordered you?

25-27You were not empowered to kill anyone, to blind (?) people or to destroy cities; but I gave you authority to do so.

28-30When my father Culgi built the fortress ......, it was not you people who were involved -- and my throne is not the throne of Culgi!

31-34Concerning Lu-Enki, the ruler of the province of Zimudar, he should come to you, and should bring with him 60 troops. Let them be sent together with .......

35-36......, the ...... official, made ...... limited (?). According to the instructions that have been given to him, he should build that fortress.

37-38And as for you, with the soldiers who are under your authority, get the trench dug!

39-42So as not to change the attitude of the province, you people are not to release the workers while the land has not yet been secured.

43-45Let messengers bring me news about those eastern provinces. This is urgent!

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