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Letter from Aradngu to Shulgi about irrigation work: translation

1-2Say to my lord: thus says Aradju, your servant:

3-6My lord, you have given me instructions about every matter, from the waters of the sea and the land of Dilmun, from the salt waters and the borders of the land of the Martu (some mss. have instead: to the salt waters and the borders of the land of the Martu), to (1 ms. has instead: from) the side (?) (1 ms. has instead: borders (?)) of Simurrum and the territory of ...... (1 ms. has instead: the territory of Subir):

7-11Their various cities and all their environs (1 ms. has instead: their troops), their canals, fields, arable tracts and their embankments and ditches,
1 line unclear
All the cities are listening to my lord.
1 line unclear

12-14I have established strong guards for their fortresses, and I have made all their troops submit.
1 line unclear

15-22I have drained the arable tracts when they were flooded. I have ...... when their embankments were leaky (?). I have ...... their fields and reed-beds. ...... bowing their heads .......
4 lines fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing

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