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Letter from Nanna-manshum to the goddess Ninisina about his unsuccessful medical treatment: translation

1-11Speak to Ninisina, first-born child of holy An, eminent among ladies, ...... of lord Nunamnir; who perfects the divine powers of E-kur, ...... of great mother Ninlil, with notions in her heart which are expressed (?); wife of the great hero, lord Pabilsaj, youth who has no rival; holy Ninisina, you reapply (?) a dressing to soothe the dark place of sores which no one can understand; mother of the Land, great physician of the black-headed, incantation priestess of the widespread people -- from the namtar demon and ...... which are settled in a man's body and which no one knows how to expel, lady of the E-gal-mah, with the help of ...... you will make that person well again. ...... to keep a person alive ......, ...... who knows and listens, to my lady:

12-13This is what Nanna-mancum, the scribe, son of Ilcu-muballi¡, your servant, says:

14-20When (?) ...... took care (?), she placed on my (?) ....... The barber ......, the throne-bearer of the gods has given me ....... Nine times she (?) has placed on my head ...... and battle-axe. ...... gathered in Nibru and Isin. They approached me but did not give their ...... for my life. They have applied and created a dressing which does not hold. She (?) made a fattened (?) dove come (?), for my .......

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