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A hymn to Nanna (Nanna E): composite text

1dumu nun-e ABxA kug-ta /ed2\-a ba-zal-zal si i3-[...]
2kur me sikil ec3 abzu cag4 X X dajal kur /me?\ [...]
3ki-ur3 mah /dur2?\ [X X] /dajal?\-la [...]
4ambar-ta me-/lem4 huc tum3 muc3 ni2\ [X X]-ge-en
5nam-dug3-zu-ce3 nam-gal nam-mah-zu-ce3 saj im-/ma\-il2-la2
6nam tar-re-de3-ec a2 mah mi-ni-in-su13-un
7nam-lugal an ki-zu an gal-e cu dajal mu-ri-in-dug4
8nam-dumu nun gal-zu den-lil2-le nam-men! cu mi-ri-in-du7
9nam-dijir mah den-lil2 pa ed2 ma-ra-ni-in-ed2
10a DU-a a sig mah-zu-ce3 nam tar-re ki dug3 ama dug3
11den-ki ABxA-cag4 kug-ta jiri3-zu-ce3 im-mi-in-jar
12den-lil2 nam-mah nam-en-na mi-ni-in-tud-de3-en
13dnanna ud sakar-zu ud sakar 7-bi mu pad3-da
14den-lil2 an ki-ka mu-zu mu kug-ga mu mi-ri-in-pad3
15dumu nun-e nam-gal-zu an ki-a pa ed2 im-mi-in-ed2
16unken mah nam den-lil2-la2-na saj-e-ec mu-ra-an-rig7
17den-ki-ke4 ki ec3 eridugki-ta nam-men! nam-mah-zu mu-ri-in-tar
18abzu mah ki ec3 eridugki-ta nam-en gal-zu-ce3
19lugal an ki-ke4 /an? ki?\ gun3-a nam-gal-zu-ce3 ba-an-dug4
20dnanna saj-zu il2 da-nun-na-ke4-ne-er ha-la ba-an-pad3
21me sikil cag4 hul2-la-ka-ne-ne /ki\-tuc /kug\ im-mi-ni-in-tuc-un
22dijir gal-gal-e-ne nidba-ec /gal\ [ba]-an-pad3
23zag-gu-la2 cag4 hi-li mah si-a /im?\-[mi-ni]-in-durun-uc
24dijir-re-e-ne sizkur2 cag4 hul2-la-/ne?\-[ne im]-/mi\-ni-in-cum2-cum2
25ki mah ki kug-ga mi-ni-/in\-[tuc]-un
26dnanna ki kug-ga ki-tuc kug mi-ni-in-[tuc]-/un\
27den-ki-ke4 ki-tuc ma-ra-ab-/sikil-e ki-tuc? ma?-ra?\-ab-cen-e
28an mu-ra-ab-kug-ge ki mu-/ra-ab\-[cen-e]
29e2-kic-nu-jal2 e2 tir jicerin-na an-/ce3 si ma-ra\-an-sa2
30dur2 mah-zu ki kug-ga ma-ra-ab-ak ur2 nij2 an ki-a
31/jic\-hur cu-luh mah-zu si ma-ra-/an\-sa2-e
32[...] /gir4?\ X-zu bancur ki kug-ga ma-ra-ab-cen
33[...] kij2-sig-bi kij2-sig kij2-nim-zu
34[...] X X si ma-ra-an-sa2
35[cu-luh]-ha ma-ra-ab-ku3-ug ma-ra-ab-cen
36[X X] X DU sa /u3-du8\ X UZ KA /la\ ba-an-sig7
37X [X] X mi-ni-in-pad3
38d/en-ki\ abzu-ni u3-tud /cu-luh\ mu-ra-an-ja2-ja2
39dku3-su13-e cu-luh-ha ba-ni-gub e2 ni2-bi u3-tud
40ABxA-cag4 bar-ba gir4 gud udu ninda ec3 bar-ba cu-luh kug-bi
41e2-e i3 im-sikil-e saj ba-ab-ha-za a2-cu-jiri3 ba-an-KU-uc
42cu-luh kug nu-cub-bu-ce3 ambar mah
43ABxA dajal kug-ga-ta nam-bi im-ta-ed2
44e2-kic-nu-jal2 barag mah kug-ga me gal mah an ki-a cu du7
45ABxA kug-ta pec10 mah a tu5-a-zu
46i3 hur-saj su kug jal2-la-zu
47dnanna barag mah-zu /ba\-jar-ra
48gada mah KEC2 saj il2 si mul suh10-gir11 nam-men!-na
49i3 mah i3 nam-men! i3 erim3 gal-zu su-bar kug-ga-ka
50kar za-gin3 kar mah kar kug-ga-na
51dnin-gublaga-ke4 en cu im-ma-an-kug-ga
52dtarah abzu eridugki-ta cu-bi i3 im-sikil-e
53u2-a-zu bancur unu2 ki gal-zu-ce3 cu kug ja2-ja2-zu-ce3
54dku3-su3-e cu sikil cu dadag ak cu im-ma-an-kug-ge
55dtarah abzu eridugki-ta cu-bi i3 im-sikil-e
56ec3 abzu barag mah urim2ki-ma nam dug3 gal tar-re
57/e2-kic\-nu-jal2 ki-tuc kug dug3-ga-am3 dnin-gal nin! mah-bi
58[ki-tuc] kug ki nam-nin-za dnanna lugal-bi-ir
59/e2-kic\-nu-jal2 agrun-kug-ga e2 nam-lugal-zu
60dnanna dnin-gal ki-tuc mi-ni-ib2-hul2-ne
61d/suen\-[e] /en\ zu mah an ki aga-zu aga mah-am3
62me-lem4 /huc\ an ki-a /sig9-ge dac-im2-babbar-e cu he2\-en-na-kug-ge
63an-gin7 he2-en-na-kug-[ge ki]-/gin7\ he2-en-na-cen-e
64cag4 an-/na\-gin7 [he2]-en-na-dadag-ge
65/aga?\ an ki-a aga kug /saj\ [he2]-em-ma-il2-e
66[d]/suen\-e en zu mah /an ki\ barag sikil-la cu du7
67[d]/ac\-im2-babbar-e saj-men /aga zid\-da si mul mah X-[(X)]
6868saj im-ma-il2-/e\
69 i3 kug i3 sikil i3 dadag-ge
(This line is written on the left edge of the tablet and may represent an accidentally omitted line, or else the catchline to another composition, possibly an incantation.)

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