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A hymn to Nergal (Nergal B): composite text

1[ur-saj dumu] /mah\ ni2 gur3-ru den-lil2-la2
2[ud-gin7 ra-ra] ki bal-ce3 gu3 jar-ra
3[igi-ni-ce3 u18]-ru bar-ra-ni-ce3 mar-uru5 zig3-ga
4[...] X-ba-ni ki-bi [X]-/ge\
5[en] [dmec3]-/lam\-ta-ed2-a /ni2\ [huc gur3-ru]
6[X X]-a-ni kur /erim2\-[jal2 nu-ed2]-de3
7[si ma-az]-za-ni kalam-[ma ...]-la
8[...] jic/tukul bi-in-sig3\
9[...] X-im den-[lil2-le] u3-tud-da
10[...] gal X X [mar]-/uru5\ X X X
11[...] X X [...]-/jar\-re-/en6\
12[a2] nam-ur-saj-<ja2>-zu mu-gub-/be2-en6\
13[saj il2]-la gu3 ra-bi-da nir jal2
14lu2 zu me dijir-re-e-ne-ke4
15e2 GA2xX-e ba-[X]-ar kalam-ma-ka
16an-/ne2 mu\-nijin2 nij2-/nam\-[ma] a2 /mu-un\-kij2
17ud nam-X mu-X X X
18a-/ma\-[ru] kur sig10-sig10-ge5 mu-ni-dug4-ga
19nij2-hul-[jal2]-bi sahar sud-sud-me-en
20en-na nu-/ce-ga\-ce3 sud-sud-me-en
21ur-saj /gal\ kur-kur-/ra\-[me]-/en\
22CEC-a /dub2-dub2\-e gu3 ba-an-de2-de2
23jiri3 nu-/ni\-gub X X-ni-du-un
24cajan 7-gin7 X X-e ba-an-dib
25saj gig2 tec2 an-ce3 gu2 bi2-in-jar
26tumucen-bi-a lal3-/da\ zag mi-ni-dib-be2
27buru5[mucen] /babbar\ /gig2\-bi-a zag mi-ni-dib-be2
28[X X sila] sig9-sig9-ga X [...]
29/ni2\ [(X)]-zu iri mu-/un\-[dul]
30men /zid\ mah ni2-zu [...]
31X X u18-lu lu2-u3 gaba nu-[mu]-gi4
32ki nin ki kal-kal nam-den-lil2 ca-ba-ak-e
33igi saj il2 kalam-ma nam-lugal ca-ba-ak-e
34a-a-ni-ra uj3 /su3\-ud-bi-/ta\ mi-ni-ib-ed2
35kur-ra e2? X X X ki /di?\-bi-ce3 i3-/ci\-de6 dnergal-ke4
36der3-ra [lugal]-/ni\ mi2 na-mu-un-e
37sug2-sug2-ge-ec-am3 an-ra dirig-ga-me-en
38an lugal-e cid du3-mu-na-ab
39nam tar-re nam mu-un-di-ni-ib-tar-re dnergal-ka-me-en
40dnin-cubur sukkal ki gal kur-ra-ke4 dnergal-ka-ke4 silim-bi ba-ni-in-dug4
41en-e hur-saj-ta [lu2 sa]-gaz ki mu-ed2-a-me-en
42d/en\-[lil2]-gin7 ki X kur tec2-a [a2]-/zu\ nu-ed2-de3
43[ur]-/saj\ [X] /gu2?\-du3 den-lil2-la2
44[zar-re-ec] den-lil2-ra ud ac-a du8-du8
45[... hul] /gig\ dnergal i-zi-gin7
46[...] kur utu ed2 zig3-ga-me-en
47[da-nun-na mu]-un-sug2-ge-ec
48[...] ki-in-dar sud-sud-gin7
49[...] X-a-ni dnergal-ka-me-en
50[...] in-ga-[...] X
51[...] X [...]
52[...] X X
53[...] tud-da
54[... zar-re]-/ec2\ du8
55[... dumu] [d]/en\-lil2-la2
56[...] dlugal-er9-ra
57[za3-mi2-zu dug3]-/ga\-am3

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