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A balbale of Inana (Inana A): translation

1-11Great fierce storm, ...... radiance! Inana, emitting fearsomeness and radiance in battle! (1 ms. adds: Inana, playing (?) in battle! Inana, emitting fearsomeness and radiance in battle! ) Where Enlil has commanded it, you make a lion's body and lion's muscles rise up. ...... in the south and in the uplands ...... like grass. Like Ickur ....... Like their proud mighty heroes, you ...... (1 ms. has instead: may they ...... for you) their noses (?) to the ground. May the great (1 ms. has instead: proud) warrior of kings and queens restore for you the shrine Kec. May he make them ...... their noses (?) to the ground for you.

12-23My lady, you turn your gaze from the abzu (?). An has commanded you ....... You are gifted with divine powers like An the king, and like Enlil you are established in a place of honour. You determine majestic verdicts in the assembly; like a light from heaven within the assembly, you lead (?) the righteous and seize the wicked (1 ms. has instead: ...... the evil). You lead (?) (1 ms. has instead: lead forth) the righteous in the palace for Utu. You restore the ....... You ...... the people for the king, and ....... Enlil gave you your fierce face and your serious brow.

24A balbale of Inana.

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