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An ululumama to Nanna (Nanna J): translation

1-4Lord, glory of heaven, suited to ......, Nanna, whose appearance in the high heavens is adorned with radiance! King, glittering light, crown of Urim, Nanna, glittering light, crown of Urim!

5-18Great lion of holy An, first-born of Enlil, seed of a bison, beloved of the gods, great strength inspiring awe in the Land, with the just crown and the shining sceptre, sparkling over the high mountains, ...... of Enlil filled with princely divine powers, ...... in the centre of Nibru, highly skilled at examining ......,
7 lines fragmentary

19-27Butting ...... aggressively, ......, never tiring, ...... in heaven and on earth; giving princely commands to ......, ...... like a bull, ......, looking down upon his rivers grand and small! Lion uttering hostile words to the enemy, supplying evening light to dark places! Youthful Suen, glorious moonlight, the people gaze at you in wonder.

28-32The ewe with its lambs expresses deep affection. The goat with its kids honours you. The young man is able to make love with his wife. Suen relaxes with beautiful Ningal. Praise be to youthful Suen, to father Nanna!

33An ululumama of Nanna.

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