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Proverbs: collection 23: translation


unknown no. of lines missing

Proverb no. 23.1

1-44 lines fragmentary or unclear

Proverb no. 23.2

5-93 lines unclear
My husband picks the bones from the fish for me. ...... is not in the desert.

Proverb no. 23.3

10-13 4 lines fragmentary

Proverb no. 23.4

14-152 lines fragmentary

unknown no. of lines missing


Proverb no. 23.6

1-22 lines fragmentary

Proverb no. 23.7

3-12 A ...... shepherd's sex appeal is his testicles (?); a gardener's is his hair. ...... a waterskin. He who does not support a wife, and who does not support a son. Although the dishonest man was unable to build his own house, he came to serve as a construction worker at my friend's house. A dishonest man chases after women's genitals; an unreliable man has two sickles. A house built by a righteous man is destroyed by a treacherous man.

Proverb no. 23.8

13-19 No one walks together with him or directs their steps towards him. Life passes him by like water (1 ms. has instead: eludes him just as he avoids others). He is dear to no just man, plague prevails over him (1 ms. has instead: life is not given to him). Like a worthless penny, ......; no one ...... (1 ms. has instead: he is thrown away; no one cares about him). He is clothed with a garment as if a heavy punishment were assigned to him. Who is he? His name? A man sleeping with someone's wife. (1 ms. has instead:Who is he? He is a man who slept with someone's wife.)

Proverb no. 23.9

20-21 Above a raven, below a mongoose, and in the desert a lion in its den, my ......: where shall I go?

unknown no. of lines missing


Proverb no. 23.14

1-44 lines fragmentary

Proverb no. 23.15

5-62 lines fragmentary or unclear

Proverb no. 23.16

7-104 lines unclear

Proverb no. 23.17

11-122 lines fragmentary

Proverb no. 23.18

13-17 A man's waterskin is his life. A man's sandals are his eyes. A man's wife is his ....... A man's son is his protective shade. A man's daughter is his eager servant (?). A man's daughter-in-law is his policeman.

Proverb no. 23.19

19-202 lines fragmentary

unknown no. of lines missing

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