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c.4.22.2/Tr/Gl ga-ša-an-i3-si-inki-na kurun-a tuš-a-ra
c.2.2.2/Tr/Gl ga-ša-an-i3-si-inki-na-ke43 e2-gal-maḫ-a muš3 mi-ni-in-ga /amaš\-a-na lil2-e
c.3.3.21/Tr/Gl dnin-i3-si-in-na dumu-saĝ an kug-ga saĝ il2 nin-e-ne
c.3.3.21/Tr/Gl kug /dnin\-i3-si-in-na tug2 !niĝ2-la2 sed4-de3 ki-bi-še3 bi2-ib2-gi4!-/gi4!\
c.5.5.4/Tr/Gl kug dnin-i3-si-in-na den-lil2-ra mu-na-da-an-ku4-ku4
c. dnin-i3-si-in-na-ke4 i3-si-inki-na barag maḫ-zu mi-ni-in-ri
c. dnin-i3-si-in-na-ke4
c. [dnin-i3]-si-na /dumu\ [gal] an-[na] e2-gi4-a gal nir /gub?\-[bu]
c.6.2.2/Tr/Gl /a?\-a ma2-gan-an-naki-ta PI? dnin-i3-si-naki TU-TU-ta
c. dnin-i3-si-na-ka-še3 ĝeštug2 ba-ši-in-gub sun5-na-bi mu!-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
c. šir3-nam-gala dnin-i3-si-na-ke4
c.1.7.8/Tr/Gl dnin-/isin2\[si])-[na] […]
c.1.7.8/Tr/Gl en dpa-bil2-saĝ-ĝe26 ḫul2-la-da dnin-isin2/si\)-[na] [in-tuku …]
c.2.2.3/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-in-na ama kalam-ma-ke4 er2 gig mu-un-še8-še8
c.2.2.4/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na dumu maḫ an-na šim-mu2 kalam-ma-ka
c. dnin-isin2si-na /nam\-nin kalam-ma-[kam] a-a-zu bi2-in-[gub-be2-en]
c. kug dnin-isin2si-na nin dgu-la
c. dnin-isin2si-na e2-gal-maḫ an-ne2 ki us2-[sa]
c. kug dnin-isin2si-na dumu an-na me-teš2 ḫe2-i-i
c. kug dnin-isin2si-na niĝin3-ĝar ki kug-ga unu2 šuba sud-sud
c. [kug] dnin-isin2si-/na\ X X X X X [X] X-e
c. [kug] [dnin]-/isin2\si-na iri ka tar-ra-zu ki-bi nu-gi4
c. kug dnin-isin2si-na nin X […] X nu-bar-re
c. kug dnin-isin2si-na nin /IM\ […] X bar?
c. dnin-isin2si-na mu-zu lu2-[erim2-e nam-ba-an-tum3]
c. a mu-zu dnin-isin2[si])-[na] [a mu-zu]
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl […] [dnin]-[isin2]/si\)-na ḫu-ul-ḫu-le-eš2 sig7-ga
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na dumu an-na-ke4
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl kug dnin-isin2si-na nam-išib mu-na-ak-e
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl kug dnin-isin2si-na ki maḫ-a-na mu-un-ne-de3-en-ku4-ku4
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl kug dnin-isin2si-na sizkur mu-na-ab-be2 a-ra-zu mu-na-ab-be2
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl šudu3 a-ra-zu ĝiš tuku-me-en kug dnin-isin2si-na za3-mi2
c.4.22.4/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na duraš-e tud-da šag4 gal nam gal DU
c.4.22.4/Tr/Gl arḫuš2 tuku X (X) saĝ gig2-ga kug dnin-isin2si-na niĝ2-nam-ma-ni pa e3 [X]
c.4.22.4/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na AN X […] AN […]
c.4.22.4/Tr/Gl dnin-/isin2\[si])-[na] […]
c.4.22.4/Tr/Gl [dnin]-[isin2]si-na dumu maḫ an-na [X X]
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl /kug\ dnin-/isin2\si-na /nam-šul?\ šag4-ta de6
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl /kug\ /d\nin-isin2si-na nam-/nin\ šag4-/ta\ de6
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl d/nin\-isin2si-na [X] X gal X-/a\
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl d/nin\-isin2si-na en [gal-zu niĝ2-nam-ma] kur /gal a-a\ /den\-lil2
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl [dnin]-[isin2]/si\)-na X X /gal\ X-[a]
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2[si])-[na] […] X X E […] [d]en-lil2-la2
c.4.22.6/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na nin me gal-gal-la-/ra\
c.4.22.6/Tr/Gl [X X (X)] dnin-isin2si-/na\ [za3]-mi2-zu dug3-ga-/am3\
c.4.80.1/Tr/Gl nin-i3isin2si-na dumu an-na-ke4
c.4.80.1/Tr/Gl 16 e2 dnin-isin2si-na i3-si-inki-na
c. /inim\ dug4-ga dnin-isin2si-na-ka-še3
c.3.1.19/Tr/Gl igi dnin-isin2si-na-ka-/še3\ ku4-ku4-de3
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl šir3-gid2-da dnin-isin2si-na-kam
c.4.22.2/Tr/Gl šir3-nam-šub dnin-isin2si-na-kam
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl a-da-ab dnin-isin2/si\)-/na-kam\
c.4.22.6/Tr/Gl […] d/nin\-[isin2si-na-kam]
c.1.1.3/Tr/Gl nin9 e-ĝu10 kug dnin-isin2si-na-ke4
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl [(X)] [dnin-isin2si]-na-ke4 nam-galam-ma gu2 nam-mi-in-KU
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl [d]nin-isin2si-na-ke4 nam-galam-ma u2-a me na-ur4-ur4-re
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na-ke4 ĝiri2-GAG-e u3-sar im-ma-ak-e
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na-ke4 tu6 bi2-in-dug4 ba-sag9
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na-ke4 inim-e bi2-in-sig10-ge
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na-ke4 silim zid-de3-eš na-e
c.4.22.1/Tr/Gl munus sag9-ga dnin-isin2si-na-me-en dumu an kug-ga-me-en
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl [d]/nin\-isin2si-na-ra /nam-maḫ\-a-ni ga-am3-/dug4\
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na-[ra] /nam-maḫ\-a-ni /ga-am3\-dug4
c.4.22.6/Tr/Gl [dnin]-isin2si-na-ra mi2 zid na-mu-un-e
c.4.22.6/Tr/Gl dnin-isin2si-na-ra gu2-na? ḫe2-eb-du3
c.4.22.5/Tr/Gl [d]/nin\-isin2si-na-X /zid\-de3-eš tud-da

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