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The marriage of Martu: bibliography

Print sources used

Bottéro, Jean, and Kramer, Samuel Noah, Lorsque les dieux faisaient l'homme (rev. ed.), Éditions Gallimard 1989, reprinted 1993. Pp 430-437: translation, commentary

Klein, Jacob, 'Additional Notes to "The Marriage of Martu"', in Rainey, A.F. (ed.), kinattutu sha darâti. Raphael Kutscher Memorial Volume , Tel Aviv University. Institute of Archaeology: Tel Aviv 1993. Pp 93-106: commentary

Klein, Jacob, 'The "Bane" of Humanity: a Lifespan of One Hundred Twenty Years', Acta Sumerologica 12 (1990), 57-70. Pp. 59-60: translation, composite text, commentary
ll. 76-78 , 81-82

Klein, Jacob, 'The God Martu in Sumerian Literature', in Finkel, I.L., and Geller, Mark J. (eds.), Sumerian Gods and Their Representations (Cuneiform Monographs, 7), Styx Publications: Groningen 1997. Pp 99-116: composite text, translation, commentary

Klein, Jacob, 'The Marriage of Martu. The Urbanization of "Barbaric" Nomads', in Malul, Meir (ed.), Mutual Influences of Peoples and Cultures in the Ancient Near East (Michmanim, 9), Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum, University of Haifa: Haifa 1996. Pp. 83-96: composite text, translation, commentary

Kramer, Samuel Noah, 'The Marriage of Martu', in Klein, Jacob and Skaist, Aaron (eds.), Bar-Ilan Studies in Assyriology Dedicated to Pinhas Artzi, Bar-Ilan University Press: Ramat Gan 1990. Pp 11-27: translation, commentary, composite text

Römer, W.H.Ph., 'Miscellanea Sumerologica I: Zur sumerischen Dichtung "Heirat des Gottes Mardu"', Ugarit Forschungen 21 (1989), 319-334: composite text, translation, commentary

Römer, W.H.Ph., and Edzard, Dietz Otto (ed. Kaiser, Otto), Mythen und Epen, vol. 1(Texte aus der Umwelt des Alten Testaments,III, 3), Gütersloher Verlagshaus Gerd Mohn: Gütersloh 1993. Pp 495-506: translation, commentary
(by Römer)

Vanstiphout, Herman L.J., "The Marriage of Martu" (unpublished manuscript, 1998): composite text, translation, commentary

Wilcke, Claus, 'ku-li', Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 59 (1969), 65-99. Pp 72-73: translation, composite text, commentary
ll. 19-33, 55

Electronic sources used

Electronic source material kindly supplied by H.L.J. Vanstiphout (Martu/ECSL, 1998: composite text, translation).

Cuneiform sources

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